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26802Re: [GrizHFMinimill] Homing switch placement on a HF miniMill x2

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  • Stephen Castello
    Oct 16, 2013
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      On 13 Oct 2013 06:37:02 -0700, <bradb@...> had a flock of
      green cheek conures squawk out:

      >I am looking to hook up Homing switches on the x, y and z axis on the HF 44991 mini mill. Do any of you have any suggestions / photos of how you found best to place them?
      > Right now I have a set of 3 Snap Action Switch (N.O.-N.C.) Single Pole Double Throw Short Hinge Roller Lever Quick Connect 10 Amp 250 Volt AC 2.26n Screw Mount
      > Here is a link to jameco so you can see photo of switch. http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10001_10001_159572_-1 http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10001_10001_159572_-1
      > I am thinking of using Rare earth magnets that I pulled out of hard drivers to mount the switch to the mill and then set a second one on the saddle that will trip the switch. Or do you think that could vibrate lose and I would be ahead to just mount it to mill.

      The magnets will attract iron based swarf.

      The magnets may stick to the roller lever of the switch as it passes
      by if the lever material is magnetic. It could end up moving the



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