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26799Re: Trueing a drill chuck

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  • dalee1002000
    Oct 12, 2013
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      A hazzard of cheap import chucks. The chuck I got with my G0704 does work pretty well though. I do have an Albrecht chuck and arbor though for more trusted accuracy.

      Tricks to try.

      Be sure that your drill is straight and not slightly bent. They do make stinkers sometimes.

      Clean the jaws. (You've done that though)

      When tightening, tighten all three holes with the key. You'd be surprised at how well that can "true up" a bad chuck.

      Remove the chuck from the arbor and closely inspect the arbor and the mating hole in the chuck for damage and dirt. The surfaces must be extra clean and burr free to mate correctly. It is also possible that the Jacobs taper that fits the chuck isn't concentric with the R8 part. Install  into mill spindle and place an indicator on the short taper. Turn spindle by hand and observe indicator. A new arbor may need to be purchased.

      The chuck itself may be bad. I would strongly urge replacement if that's the case.

      Over all, drills are not expected to be high accuracy tooling. But one should expect to get decent sizing if everything is as good as can be.

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