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26591Re: Vice in the middle of the bed

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  • William Lowey
    Jul 19, 2013
      On my X2, I typically keep the vise centered as that is most often the position that gives me the greatest use of the machines travel.

      On my bridgeport (9x42" table with ~12x33" travel -- I'm not 100% sure on the X travel as I've never had to run it out to the limits!) my 4th axis is mounted on the right-most edge, and I have the vise mounted about 18" inward of the tables left-most edge (essentially centered within the table space left over by the 4th axis).

      This seems to give me the greatest amount of useful space with the least amount of "setup change-up".

      In so far as my tires, well, they're usually worn out when I take the car to the tire shop. :)

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