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26588Re: Vice in the middle of the bed

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  • kaje7777
    Jul 19, 2013
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      I generally keep my vise near the center because that gives me the maximum amount of travel to either the left or the right. For most of the small pieces I work on, this saves me from having to relocate the vise in order to work. However, for some pieces of work I relocate the vise to wherever needed to accommodate the cuts I want to make.

      I recall reading somewhere that it is a good idea to locate the vise slightly to the left or right of center (alternating from time to time). I don't recall the exact reason for this, but I think it had something to do with evening out wear on the bed.

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      > Why does everyone put their mill vice in the middle of the bed instead of at one end? Is it to keep the weight over the base so the bed doesn't bend under it's own weight and that of the vice?
      > When I purchased my mill, a G0704, one of the factors I looked for was to get the largest bed I could afford. So far all I use is about 4" in the center. If I use anything at the ends of the bed it is because I need the vice out of the way and was too lazy to remove it, so I just moved the bed over.
      > Thanks,
      > Jeremy
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