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26288Re: How would YOU do this?

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  • johann_ohnesorg
    May 20, 2013
      I completely agree with Mike but would use my 4x6" bandsaw for this. The mini mill should be sold as a combo with the 4x6"
      One can cut 0,04" thick slices from stock with a blueprinted 4x6"

      Apart form that, if I have to make huge aluminum or steel parts, I remove a lot of material with shallow cuts with a 1" face mill with 2 carbide inserts cutter and maximum RPM. The main thing is that the chips have a place to go so the cutter should be a little bit wider than the part. Shallow means 0,02" to 0,04"
      Sounds like nothing but one can crank as fast as possible and the chips will fly blue and hot. So with a few passes, one would be at the end measure.
      But to do this, one needs carbide for steel. In aluminum, HSS/M2 would be good enough.

      The mini is a quite capable machine with a good vise, sharp tools and the belt mod, wouldn´t like to give mine away.


      > I would cut it with a hacksaw first about 1/16" from the line. Then mill the rest by side milling. I get better results side milling the face milling with an endmill.
      > mike
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