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25724Re: Is the G0704 a good mill?

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  • burgercs
    Mar 2, 2013
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      Just in case others are interested in my comparison, I uploaded my file to the File section as 'Mill Specifications - Overview_01MAR2013.xlsx'.


      --- In GrizHFMinimill@yahoogroups.com, "burgercs" <burgerc@...> wrote:
      > Interesting discussion. I had been casually looking for a while for a used bench-top mill, but never found anything I liked. I decided that buying new was maybe the better route. I have more selection, and I know what I'll get will be in good condition. The purchasing process is also a lot easier. You call them, hand over a credit card number and wait until the truck shows up.
      > I started looking at the LMS mill with the solid column, but started to do search for other options as well. I ended up putting a spreadsheet together comparing about 20 models of mini mills and mill/drill models. I have all the usual suspects on there from LMS, HF, Micro-Mark, a few options from Wholesale Tool Company, but Grizzly is dominating my table. The only mini mill I am really considering is the LMS. However, although I don't have any specific projects planned, I am afraid that I would run into size limitations a lot sooner than I'd like and started to focus on mills a size or two up.
      > After I was done with my comparison, I mentally settled on the Grizzly G0705. That's a good size and real heavy-duty machine for the price (including the stand, an option I like). After setting this topic aside for a few days and then going back to it, I started considering the G0755, quite a bit more expensive, but probably more accurate, a tilting head and more size capacity. Wow, almost 1000 lbs, though. After thinking about that for a while I figure that may be more than I need for most I would ever do and went back to my table again. I currently have the G0704 at the top of my list. It looks like it has a decent size but still compact, tilting head, comes with a stand and is very reasonable priced. Really not that much more expensive than the LMS, but quite a bit more capacity and capability. I am going to think about it for a couple more weeks, but plan to order something soon.
      > Clemens
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