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1495Re: [GrizHFMinimill] A fan question...

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  • Jim E.
    Nov 1, 2002
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      Yes, I do. That question went around awhile back in the 7x10 group, and
      speculation could never come to a consensus on the reason why. The LMS
      conversion kit was 'created' because of the limitations of the
      spring-assist function.

      And yes, a mill holder will definitely get you closer. I have some o5
      from Grizzley and the head length is about 2". That might be a quicker
      and easier route.

      Let us know what you end up doing.

      Lakewood, CA
      All Hail Rube Goldberg!

      dswr@... wrote:
      > Jim,
      > Does your mill have the air-spring counter balance? This mill uses a
      > torsion bar counter balance. The supporting shank (so called) that
      > stabilizes the head position on the column (fuselage) stops the head
      > lower limit of travel before the head touches the position clamp, that
      > is at it's lowest position.
      > The air spring does not seem to impose this constraint on the head. I
      > wonder why it was abandoned for the torsion bar?
      > I'm thinking that installing a mill holder in the spindle, will get me
      > lower to the table. I have a set of bushings that would allow me to use
      > various size mill cutter shanks in a 1/2 inch holder.
      > Leo (pearland, tx)
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