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1494Re: [GrizHFMinimill] A fan question...

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  • dswr@webtv.net
    Nov 1 12:58 PM
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      Does your mill have the air-spring counter balance? This mill uses a
      torsion bar counter balance. The supporting shank (so called) that
      stabilizes the head position on the column (fuselage) stops the head
      lower limit of travel before the head touches the position clamp, that
      is at it's lowest position.

      The air spring does not seem to impose this constraint on the head. I
      wonder why it was abandoned for the torsion bar?

      I'm thinking that installing a mill holder in the spindle, will get me
      lower to the table. I have a set of bushings that would allow me to use
      various size mill cutter shanks in a 1/2 inch holder.

      Leo (pearland, tx)
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