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13056Re: turn brake rotors?

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  • corelokt308win
    Apr 2, 2008
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      When I tore these all down last, and every time I do brakes, I get
      liberal with the anti-seize. All the bolts and pins get coated, along
      with the bearing hub the rotor centers on. I even take a die grinder
      and turn the hub center down a few thousandths to insure the hub
      doesn't frieze to it. I've gotten myself ill before spraying PB
      blaster on the hub and then heating it with a torch... bad fumes.
      I've been sore for days before from pounding inside the wheel well
      with a hand sledge. I think the Astro van was poorly designed in
      respect to the brakes, or perhaps to well designed in regards to
      The rears I did last came apart well, but still found two rotor pins
      froze. The fronts had been redone by the shop when the still in
      warranty locking hubs went bad and were replaced, so no turning down
      the hub, no anti-seize. No joy.
      Bought a thing of brake grease with a brush in it this time and used
      like the anti-seize, on all the pins and metal friction surfaces. I
      used anti-seize on the bolts holding the brackets on and behind and
      around the hub. Hope it works well, I had to put all this on my card,
      and I hate to have done it.
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