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Re: Simple on off switch That certainly solves the problem electrically, and leaves the original safety switch usable as a safety. Just leave it unlatched. That would also be a nice

Warren LeMay
6:15 AM

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Re: Hello I stand corrected - they had a freestanding Bridgeport and that was their only mill. It may also be pertinent, but while their mainstay trade was the 1911,

Warren LeMay
6:14 AM

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Re: Hello Tony, this might be worth a look: http://www.machinetoolonline.com/PM-MV-BenchMills.html it’s a little over your budget but has the benefit of a belt drive

1:21 AM

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Re: Simple on off switch A simpler solution would be to get one of those multi-plug-in strips with a switch for each outlet. Bill

    Bill Vance
    11:04 PM
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    Re: Hello LMS has Part # 3900; HiTorque Mini Mill, with Tilting Column for $849.95 + shipping, 171 lbs.  A little more for their inclusive tooling package but all

    Keith Gilbert
    8:18 PM

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    Re: Hello I'm not a gunsmith, but my brother use to work for Wilson Combat, and I will email him separately to see what they had... They are a 1911 shop mainly (or were

    Warren LeMay
    8:18 PM

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    Re: Hello Hello Tony, I have the LMS Hi-Torque 3990 mini mill and am happy with it. The big differences between the 3990 and other mini mills is that the 3990 uses the

    Michael Jablonski
    8:17 PM

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    Re: Hello The LMS machine is probably the better of the X2 versions. However, if you can go for #'s in the $1.5K range I'd look at a Super X3. It doesn't take up much

    a rien
    7:23 PM

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    Re: Hello Well, don't know if the LMS 3990 or Sieg X2D are appropriate for this Forum, but thought I would ask. I find they are very similar, except for motors and HP,

    Gerald Zanussi
    6:14 PM

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    Re: Hello Fire away with the questions.... Warren for the group..... On 2/28/2015 6:44 PM, Gerald Zanussi tonyzanussi@...

    Warren LeMay
    4:42 PM

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    Hello Hello from Kansas City. I am a bladesmith who wishes to use a mini-mill to make slots in materials to use as guards on knives. Trying to buy a mini-mill and

    Gerald Zanussi
    3:59 PM

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    Re: Simple on off switch Mine isn't that difficult either, and pushing it in does help. Mine is a yellow cover with a red button under it that pushes against the "lid" of the switch.

    Warren LeMay
    1:50 PM

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    Re: Simple on off switch Do you push it in a little as you push it up? Mine isn't that hard to push. Paul M

    Feb 28

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    Simple on off switch I don't use the mini mill as much as I would like to for perhaps a silly reason: turning it on always nearly rips my fingers off. As you know, the mill

    Feb 28

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    Re: Spare parts for G8689 mini-mill Hello Gerry I guess that everyone has a different definition of what "Loud" is. My mini Mill was noisier than my 1942 S B Heavy Ten lathe. And a good bit

    a rien
    Feb 20
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