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Re: Local endmills Thanks guys. I wasn't able to get to a local store before closing, but I now know where they are and I have some on the way. Mike
7:17 AM
Re: Local endmills I've purchased carbide endmills off the shelf from Fastenal. Locally they only carried 1/4" and 3/8" sizes in stock, but their website shows a huge variety of
1:47 PM
Re: Column Stiffiners with the light weight base My SX2 also is one with the lighter base. My plan to address this is to follow the basic idea as shown here:
7:49 AM
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Re: Local endmills check your yellow pages look for machine shops call and ask them where to find local or even if they have one you could buy On Friday, April 18, 2014 7:20 PM,
Apr 18
Re: Local endmills Shop tools is local has has a decent selection. If it's not in stock they will order it in for you. Scott Fanning Sent from my iPhone
Apr 18
Local endmills I am wondering if anyone knows where to get end mills locally (Denver/Lakewood)? I am specifically looking for a 3/32ths with an 1/8th inch shank. I know I can
mike kolacz
Apr 18
Column Stiffiners with the light weight base I have read many articles related to stiffening the X2 column. Many attach to the back of the mill base, which seems logical. However those that do attache to
Apr 17
Re: Hello from the new guy On the plus side, that gives you plenty of time to get your workshop ready, and to study up on how to use a mill. Here are some links to free videos if you
Apr 17
Re: Hello from the new guy I called both HF stores near me and neither had a mill. So I had to order it online. So I guess it will be 3 weeks beforeI get it. Kinda disapointing.
Apr 16
Re: Hello from the new guy Thanks for all the replies. I just got back from a vacaction with my son and while vacationing I found a 25% off coupon in one of the magaines I brought
Apr 14
Re: LMS sensative drill and table Richard... I purchased and received one  (LMS) maybe 1 to 2 months ago, after a wait of a couple months (item was out of stock).  I am very satisfied with
Jwc C
Apr 13
Re: LMS sensative drill and table Hello, Are these items still available for sale? Thank You, Richard
Apr 13
Re: Hello from the new guy OK. The code on my 5/10/14 25% coupon is 61955341. The code on my 5/24 coupon is 95834360. Hope they work! - John Herrmann
Apr 12
Re: Hello from the new guy You should only need the code off the coupon. I rarely have the actual coupon. I just google for them and then give them the code. Sent from my iPhone
Scott J Hicks
Apr 11
Re: Hello from the new guy Tom - If you can't easily find an HF 25% off coupon, feel free send me your mailing address via email. I have two right now (one good until 5/10 and the other
Apr 11
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Re: Remember to lock the gibs while tramming the head So I heard back from Grizzly regarding my g0704. The tech doesn't think the bow in my column is enough to cause the head to be pulled out of alignment by .015
Jeremy Winder
Apr 10
Re: Hello from the new guy On 09 Apr 2014 08:21:58 -0700, had a flock of ... www.littlemachineshop.com has a few tooling packages that have what you need. Since
Stephen Castello
Apr 10
Re: Hello from the new guy I would like to reiterate what Kevin just said, "You will spend more on tooling than on the mill". When I was starting out, I'm still "starting out", I read
Jeremy Winder
Apr 10
Re: Hello from the new guy You will definitely need collets, as well as a variety of other tooling. Check out littlemachineshop.com Learning Center for a good overview of mill tooling.
Apr 10
Re: Hello from the new guy If you can't find a 25% any other way you can go scan through the current hot rod or motorcycle mag's and buy a mag. I like this type mag anyway. I only go
David Hair
Apr 10
Re: Hello from the new guy I guess I'm especially lucky here in the Phoenix area. HF sends out a flyer (in a bundle with grocery store ads, etc.) about every month, and it always
Apr 10
Re: Hello from the new guy There's usually a one day only "25% off one item" coupon that comes out around Easter weekend. Sometimes they email it, other times its in the flyer, or they
Apr 9
Re: Hello from the new guy OK, first the 20%off coupon make ir a good deal...but if you look around you'll find a 25% off coupon that will make the deal even better. Don't even go there
a rien
Apr 9
Hello from the new guy I'm planning on buying the Mini Mill from HF #44991 in a few weeks. It's on sale for $549.99 and with the 20% I figure it's not a bad deal. I've been reading
Apr 9
Re: HF Mini Mill - Help - CT Hmm, I never saw it as a problem. A time eating nuisance perhaps, but not a problem. It serves, as you note, a function. Likewise totally disassembly and re
Apr 9
Re: HF Mini Mill - Help - CT Often I read posts on these forums about the shipping grease "problem".        I too had to remove the reddish stuff from my lathe, mill, drill press and
Jwc C
Apr 8
Re: anyone sells brass gibs or tapered gibs for X2? I made my own from brass rectangular stock on the mill for my lathe; the final cuts were barely held because of the cross-section. Protip: Don't mill the gibs
Eitan Tsur
Apr 8
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Re: Remember to lock the gibs while tramming the head Ian, That explains what I'm seeing with another issue altogether where I thought I would have better results with silver steel. For measuring the dovetails, I
Jeremy Winder
Apr 8
Re: Remember to lock the gibs while tramming the head Hi Jeremy, This is probably an aspect you have already addressed, but when measuring the dovetail, I assume you measured over precision ground dowels rather
Ian Newman
Apr 8
Re: Fw: [GrizHFMinimill] Re: anyone sells brass gibs or tapered gibs A slight, but important correction. Lapping is not actually sanding against a plate. Lapping is using an abrasive embedded in a soft material, to wear the hard
Hannu Venermo
Apr 8
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