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7832Making English versions of the ROSSINI SATB SUNDAY OFFERTORIES -- a request for help

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  • Bud Clark
    Jan 11, 2014
      Dear Friends,

      There have been a number of requests for English versions of the latest Rossini Offertories. Unless and until I get a copy of Sibelius 7.0 and learn it (groan!), I can't do them without re-entering them into Sibelius 1.4.

      Not happening (grin).

      Now ... here's the deal: they're in Sibelius 7.0; so you either need to have Sibelius 7.0, or mark up a PDF, re-scan it, and send it to Dan Brittain, who's very graciously doing the typesetting. Or, if you don't have a scanner, snail-mail it to Dan.

      I would like to retain final approval, please.

      Please use the People's Anglican Missal translations, NOT the ones printed with the music. If you don't have an Anglican Missal, you can download Dr. Palmer's Plainchant Gradual from musicasacra.com and use those translations.

      Please don't use the translations in English Gradual II, as they don't entirely agree with ANY Missal ... they only agree with the texts of the propers in the back of the English Hymnal (1933).

      I've been rather "free" with the ones I've done in the past ... feel free to add chords, measures, etc. to make the English accents fall right.

      These are really worth doing, or I wouldn't ask. Super flumina Babylonis is a little gem. So are a number of others.

      If Dan holds up and doesn't throw up his hands at my nit-picking, the eventual plan is to do more-or-less everything required for Advent Sunday through Corpus Christi, and a few big Holy Days and fill-ins: Christ the King, (Immaculate) Conception BVM, Christmas 1st and 3rd Masses, Epiphany, Epiphany 1-2-3 ... does anybody still do the "gesimas?" I think the new Graduale Romanum uses them elsewhere, but I'm not sure if it's on Sunday ... Ash Wednesday, Lent 1-2-3-4, (old) Passion Sunday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Easter Day, Easter 2-3-4-5 (old numbering), Ascension, Sunday in the Octave, Pentecost, Trinity, Corpus Christi. Unfortunately he didn't set "old" or "new" Assumption BVM (changed in 1950).

      If you're NOT on my Rossini distribution list, and would like to do one or more, please e-mail me privately.


      We're broken as the Ten Commandments <eg>; we need groceries, MORE WOOL BOOT SOCKS (Luke's 10-D, I'm a 12.5 E), and Belle needs to go to the vet.

      If you can help:


      Leo I. Long Jr.
      37826 Bankside Drive
      Cathedral City CA 92234-7831


      I can't run anything through my checking account on account of Medi-Cal getting upset if I do (!).

      Happy Saturday in the Octave! <g>