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7831organ accompaniments for Parts II and III of THE ROMAN HYMNAL (Pustet, 1887)

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  • Bud Clark
    Dec 14, 2013
      "English and Latin Hymns" comprises Part I, and contains all the vocal and organ harmonies for the hymns.

      Parts II and III contain the Masses and Vespers (the parts in which I'm really interested).

      The preface to Part I gives this hint:

      "This volume contains the harmonies to the English and Latin Hymns
      forming Part I of the Roman Hymnal.* Accompaniments to Parts II and
      III, i. e. the Masses and Vespers, have already been published by Messrs.
      Pustet & Co. They may be found in the Organ part to the Ordinarium
      Missae by Dr. Witt, and the Vesper Hymns by J. Hanisch."

      Evidently Witt's and Hanisch's work was well-known in 1887, but I have no idea where to find it today (or, to be honest, the energy and health to pursue a search).

      Can anyone help? The Roman Hymnal is a FASCINATING volume.