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7810Prose vs. Trope

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  • Bud Clark
    Nov 25, 2013
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      It's my understanding that a "trope" was inserted into the jubilus of a Kyrie, Alleluia, etc. as a mnemonic (is that the word?), while "proses" or "sequences" were through-composed.

      I certainly don't know the entire Gregorian repertoire by heart, but I can't connect any of the present Roman Rite sequences, OR the large number of Sarum Usage sequences transcribed by Dr. Palmer, with any known alleluia melodies.

      I would LOVE to see ALL the Kyrie tropes gathered together in one place ... I got tired of buying expensive scholarly books on the subject, only to discover that they contained two or three, and devoted the entire book to them (chuckle).

      I'm glad all the scholarship exists, and I bless the saints and the angels and the monks for the work done by Solesmes, starting with Paleographie Musicale, but I was just a simple village organist (grin) ... I would have never learned to sing from the Triplex volumes ... they give me a VOLUMINOUS headache (chuckle).

      Just give me a copy of the current "typical" edition of the Graduale ... I AM a student of Fr. John de Deo OFM and "Old Solesmes" ... I WILL stick in a FEW of the makras of accent and makras of warning from the earlier books, because they start to make SENSE about the third time the choir struggles over the same interval ...

      Will that get me excommunicated? <g>


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