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7807Re: [Gregorian] Re: Question about the Tractus

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  • Andris Amolins
    Nov 25, 2013
      Has dies Irae ever been used as a Mass Sequence with Alleluja? May be it
      was originally a processional chant for funerals?

      As to the origin of its melody, it is most obviously inspired by the by
      the verses of the Responsory Libera me. This, in turn, could be inspired
      by the Magnificat Antiphon of the 1st Vespers of All Saints Angeli,
      Archangeli. If so, the connection with the Advent would be in doubt.
      Even more so because Dies irae was composed by a Franciscan. Since the
      Friars Minor used the Missal of Roman Curia it is unlikely that they
      tampered with Mass formularies by means of creating Sequences.

      Andris Amolins

      On 25.11.2013. 17:59, Peter Wilton wrote:
      > There are, of course, other aspects of the familiar Requiem mass which
      > presumably wouldn't have been in place until comparatively late,
      > especially the Dies Irae, which was a prose originally for Advent. The
      > fact that we're used to singing a prose at a service which contains no
      > alleluia is an indication that it wouldn't originally have belonged
      > there. I wonder to what alleluia it would originally have been attached.
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