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7805Re: [Gregorian] Missa Papae Marcelli with Perosi Requiem changes

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  • Joseph Cirou
    Nov 25, 2013

      If Leonardo has the "big" Perosi Requiem that was done at Holy Name, you are in luck. That is one of the few things I could never get my hand on: probably because I had to be out of the building at 5:30 the day they let me go hog wild in the Cathedral music library about 30 years ago (g). However, the late Bill Ferris performed and recorded it with the Wm Ferris Chorale. He had been the cathedral organist and Msgr Meter at least lent it to him. So where that score is I don't know.

      I conflated the music for Cardinal Strich's funeral in 1958. They did parts of the Missa Papae Marcelli, they did the Tu Suscipe and Libera from the Perosi Requiem (they had the 5 absolutions in those days--Kennedy would have been entitled to the privilege as well as a head of state) they may have done the chant Agnus Dei, I didn't think about the Requiem variants to the Agnus Dei. What is also likely is a combination of the chant and polyphony. My memory is good for such things, thanks to the New World in those days writing out complete programs for musical programs in major churches for Christmas and Easter and pontifical
      events such as consecrations and funerals.

      BTw both Bud and Leonardo, I watched part of the funeral of Cardinal Bartolucci last week. I have a youtube of his directing the Sistine Choir in cardinal's choir robes. He did a complete Palestrina Mass. This in his mid 90's. Bartolucci was
      Perosi's successor and we did a lot of his music back in the day as well. I had
      recordings of his Ascension Oratorio on reel to reel and his 7 part Requiem for either Pius XII or John XXIII. Leonardo might have a lead on that Requiem. It was on one of those Italian labels, I think the same one that recorded Perosi's Resurrection, Natale, and Transitus Animae (all of which I have also sung--I was a protege of Fr. Sylvano Bosi in the mid 60's who managed to get those works performed in the Scalabrini parishes with orchestra and Lyric Opera choristers.

      Joe Cirou

      On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 7:40 AM, Bud Clark <quilisma66@...> wrote:

      The comment was unclear. I'm not sure if it meant that Perosi had edited the Agnus Dei of the Missa Papae Marcelli so it could be used at Requiems, or if Perosi composed the missing pieces required for a Requiem ... Propers, Libera, etc.



      On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 4:01 AM, <leonardociampa@...> wrote:

      If it's by Perosi, I have it, and if I don't, Sacchetti does. What is it that you're looking for, exactly?

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      Subject: [Gregorian] Missa Papae Marcelli with Perosi Requiem changes


      Joe, can you get ahold of a copy of that?



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