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First Clubhouse in the northwest opens in Seattle for survivors of traumatic brain injury

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  • Kate Martin
    First Clubhouse in the Northwest opens in Seattle for survivors of traumatic brain injury Olympia -- For the first time, survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 16, 2010


    First Clubhouse in the Northwest opens in Seattle for survivors of traumatic brain injury


    Olympia -- For the first time, survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury in Washington state will have an opportunity to join a clubhouse specifically set up to address their needs.


    On Thursday, March 18, the TBI Clubhouse in North Seattle at PROVAIL celebrates a grand opening of a unique community center for people living with the effects of a brain injury. The Clubhouse is a member-driven program that is designed to get people back to work and return to community living after sustaining a TBI.


    TBI victims, such as young people who have been in motor vehicle accidents, senior citizens who were injured in falls, and veterans injured in the line of duty are among the increasing numbers of people who – thanks to medical technology – are surviving their trauma. However, these people require long-term care, rehabilitation and vocational training. In addition, their families who are their caregivers also need assistance such as the TBI Clubhouse to help their loved one improve their social and vocational skills.


    According to the Centers for Disease Control, this year, 1.4 million people will sustain a traumatic brain injury - exceeding the incidence of breast cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries combined. Additionally, in recent years, TBI has emerged as the "signature injury" of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan−with as many as 20 percent of soldiers sustaining brain injuries. From the battlefield to the football field, TBI remains a leading cause of death and disability in both adults and youth. 


    “The TBI Clubhouse is based on a model that has been recognized for more than 70 years,” says David Koepnick, TBI Clubhouse program director. “It offers a safe environment where people are treated with dignity and respect while moving them and their family toward a positive outcome.”


    This is the first TBI Clubhouse in Washington state and the greater Northwest. It is open to survivors of a traumatic brain injury who are 18 years and older. The Traumatic Brain Injury Account RCW 74.31 is funding the clubhouse pilot at PROVAIL. PROVAIL has 66 years of experience helping children and adults with disabilities live better lives. “We are one of the state's largest private, multi-service agencies dedicated to meeting the needs of people with all types of disabilities” says CEO Mike Hatzenbeler.  


    Clubhouse Director David Koepnick says four members have joined since the Clubhouse officially opened on March 1 and he expects membership to grow to between 20 to 30 members by summer. The Mill House Clubhouse in the city of Richmond , Virginia has been operating since 1999. They have helped more than 300 TBI survivors residing in the metro Richmond area since opening 11 years ago, according to Jason Young, executive director of Community Futures foundation, which runs the Mill House.


    The public is invited to the grand opening of the TBI Clubhouse in Seattle at PROVAIL 


    TBI Clubhouse Grand Opening

    12550 Aurora Ave. North, Seattle, 98133

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.


    For more information on the grand opening, phone (206) 826-1072 or email clubhouse@....


    Jennifer M. Gau ~ Washington Department of Social and Health Services ~ Public Affairs ~ (360) 902-7829 ~ jennifer.gau@...




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