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Green Tips Shared by Stars at Cancer Charity Gala

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  • Remy Chevalier
    http://www.ecorazzi.com/2011/11/18/green-tips-shared-by-stars-at-cancer-char ity-gala Green Tips Shared by Stars at Cancer Charity Gala - lindastcyr November
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      Green Tips Shared by Stars at Cancer Charity Gala

      — lindastcyr

      November 18th 2011

      Description: http://www.ecorazzi.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/carmenelectradodge.jpg

      A release party for “The Beauty Book” by Darren Tieste had hundreds of stars gathering to support the photographer whose coffee table book will raise money and awareness for brain cancer.

      Tieste, with the help of Sarah Uphoff, photographed more than a hundred of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars. Both Tieste and Uphoff have lost people they loved to brain cancer. Tieste lost his best friend and Uphoff lost her mother earlier this summer. The stars who gathered at the release party shared green tips amongst one another.

      Carmen Electra
      , who lost her mother to brain cancer 8 years ago, said that the cause was very important to her. She said of her green ways, “I’ve always had the habit of turning the lights off, and I love to vintage shop.” Electra also claims to be making an effort to eat less meat after watching, “so many of these [food] documentaries,” according to Mother Nature Network.

      Nicole Scherzinger, mentor for the “Over 30″ singers on “The X Factor,” said it was important to be at “The Beauty Book” release party.

      “A friend of mine has just been diagnosed with brain cancer and I have many family members who have had cancer,” says Scheringer.

      She said that growing up in an eco-conscious home rubbed off on her. She claims it is why she drives a hybrid car today. She also stated that she is, “the craziest person when it comes to recycling. People will be throwing something in the garbage and I’ll be like, ‘I told you to recycle that!’”

      According to MNN, Hilary Duff, who’s expecting her first child, is in the midst of an eco-friendly home remodel. Duff is using low-VOC paint, eco-friendly bedding for her nursery, and a wallpaper for the nursery that comes with magnetic animal characters that can be moved around the wall.

      TV host Samantha Harris shared the green tips she is instilling in her daughters. Harris has been teaching her eldest daughter, Hillary, 10, “to turn the water off when she is washing her hands and brushing her teeth, and recycling, she knows that we have separate garbage cans for the recycling.”

      Many others stars came out to support Tieste coffee table book, “The Beauty Book,” including Stacy Kiebler, Josh Duhamel, Gilles Marini, Mehcad Brooks, Rick Fox and girlfriend Eliza Dushku, David Annable and many others. Tieste and Uphoff’s “The Beauty Book” sells for $39.99 with all proceeds going to two brain cancer charities.

      via MNN


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