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Gaddafi 'executed by French' - revelations of a Libyan age nt

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    From French progressive web site Mediapart, at http://www.mediapart.fr/journal/international/021012/gaddafi-executed-french -revelations-libyan-agent Gaddafi
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      From French progressive web site Mediapart, at

      Gaddafi 'executed by French' – revelations of a Libyan agent

      02 octobre 2012 | Par <http://www.mediapart.fr/biographie/50004> Fabrice
      Arfi et <http://www.mediapart.fr/biographie/179242> Karl Laske

      The images depicting the demise of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi on
      October 20th 2011 suggest he was killed by a lynch mob. But could he have
      been executed by members of France's special forces after being stoned by
      the crowd? That is the startling claim of a former rebel intelligence chief
      in Libya who says that the attack on Gaddafi's convoy at Sirte that led to
      his death was coordinated by the French foreign intelligence agency the DGSE
      (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure) on the orders of the Elysée.

      In an interview with Mediapart the agent making the claims, Rami el-Obeidi,
      ex-head of intelligence for Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC),
      stated bluntly that: “French agents directly executed Gaddafi.” According to
      him Gaddafi's execution followed his threats to reveal, just

      Mediapart has produced a string of revelations
      y-election-campaign-proof> about how Sarkozy's election campaign was funded
      illegally with up to 50 million euros from the regime of the Libyan

      “The threat of a revelation about the financing of Sarkozy in 2006-2007 was
      taken sufficiently seriously for whoever at the Elysée to want the rapid
      death of Gaddafi,” he said, mentioning somewhat mysteriously in the context
      of the payments the “visits made by Cécilia Sarkozy” [editor's note, Cécilia
      Sarkozy, then the president's wife, visited Libya in 2007 to help secure the
      release of five Bulgarian nurses held captive there.]. When contacted
      Cécilia Attias, as she now is, said: “This man can say what he wants. I have
      absolutely no knowledge of this kind of thing.”

      El-Obeidi, who was close to General Abdul Fatah Younes, a senior rebel
      commander who was assassinated in July 2011, was one of the key
      intermediaries for Western secret services in Libya. Last Saturday he told
      journalists at the Italian newspaper <http://www.corriere.it/%20> Corriere
      della Sera and Briton's
      8/Bashar-al-Assad-betrayed-Col-Gaddafi-to-save-his-Syrian-regime.html> The
      Daily Telegraph how NATO forces had obtained the coordinates of Gaddafi's
      location by keeping watch on his Libyan contacts in Damascus.

      “The Syrian president [Bashar al-Assad] himself gave Gaddafi's satellite
      phone number to French agents,” he told Corriere della Sera. And el-Obeidi
      told The Daily Telegraph that the capture and death of Gaddafi was “an
      exclusively French operation”.

      The former head of Libyan rebel intelligence also insists that a report was
      written on the circumstances of Gaddafi's death but that it was “censored”.
      So far these allegations about the possible French involvement in the Libyan
      dictator's death have produced no political reaction in France.

      Two senior Libyan figures have discussed this explosive issue over the past
      week following the death of Omran Ben Chaaban, aged 22, one of the main
      people involved in the capture of Gaddafi. Chaaban died in Paris on
      September 24th of gun wounds he had received in Libya. In an interview with
      atiques-27-09-2012-1511629_24.php> Le Point magazine the current Libyan
      head of state Mohamed Yousef El-Magariaf said it was “not impossible” that
      Gaddafi had financed Nicolas Sarkozy knowing “the way he operated”. The
      former head of the Transition Council, meanwhile, Mahmoud Jibril, told
      Egyptian television that “many Arab [secret] services as well as Western had
      an interest in [ensuring that Gaddafi] never spoke”.

      Contacted by Mediapart, a spokesman for the DGSE refused to comment.

      Below is Mediapart's interview with Rami el-Obeidi.


      Mediapart: Do you know if agents from French special forces were present at
      Sirte when Muammar Gaddafi was captured?

      Rami el-Obeidi: Yes, French special forces and field agents from the DGSE
      were on the ground in Sirte, like other field agents from other countries.

      Mediapart: Was Gaddafi killed where he was captured or in another place?

      R.O.: Perhaps on the road to Misrata [north along the coast from Sirte] but
      absolutely not at the precise spot where he was discovered after the attack
      on his convoy.

      Mediapart: Do you know, yes or no, if a French agent directly killed Muammar

      R.O.: Yes, French agents directly killed Gaddafi.

      <http://www.mediapart.fr/files/media_50004/Kadhafi-mort.jpg> Descripción:
      Gaddafi captured.Gaddafi captured.© dr

      Mediapart: Have you any details on the French agent or agents involved?

      R.O.: None. It's just about impossible to have any.

      Mediapart: Did the Libyan foreign intelligence service that you headed at
      the time write a report on French involvement in Muammar Gaddafi's death?

      R.O.: Yes, but it was censored because M. Sarkozy controlled the policy of
      the NTC [National Transitional Council] alongside the Emir of Qatar. I don't
      know if this report still exists.

      Mediapart: Do you remember on which date the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad
      gave Gaddafi's telephone number so he could be located?

      R.O.: It was in the first week of October 2011. Gaddafi was killed on
      October 20th.

      Mediapart: Can you confirm the intervention of two French aircraft in
      stopping Gaddafi's convoy?

      R.O.: I can't confirm that. The aerial attack could have been carried out by
      any NATO member country, but the operation was commanded and directed by the
      DGSE and people in charge at the Elysée.

      Mediapart: Which French service was involved?

      R.O.: The Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure [the French foreign
      intelligence agency].

      Mediapart: Do you think that the murder of Gaddafi might be linked to his
      threats to reveal Sarkozy's corruption?

      R.O.: Absolutely. That was one of many reasons. The threat to reveal
      financing of the Sarkozy campaign in 2006/2007 could have been the straw
      that broke the camel's back, and was taken sufficiently seriously for
      whoever at the Elysée to want the rapid death of Gaddafi. Don't forget that
      Gaddafi had humiliated Sarkozy in not honouring the majority of the weapons
      and energy contracts signed in the famous 10 billion euro protocol agreement
      during [Gaddafi's] well-known visit to Paris [editor's note, in December

      Descripción: Nicolas Sarkozy and Muammar Gaddafi.Nicolas Sarkozy and Muammar
      Gaddafi.© Reuters

      Sarkozy had accorded Gaddafi a visit of unusual protocol, worthy of a king.
      There were also several issues that dated from the time of the war in Chad
      (in the era of Mitterrand) [editor's note, President François Mitterrand,
      president 1981 to 1995] and which were very embarrassing for France. But
      also joint intelligence operations in Africa, in Darfur [in Sudan] for

      Mediapart: Do you have any information concerning the sums of money paid by
      the Libyan regime to Nicolas Sarkozy?

      R.O.: You should look in a little more detail at the frequent visits made by
      Cécilia Sarkozy to Libya. According to my information the payments did not
      take place in one go, but in parts, particularly through Nouri Mesmari, the
      former head of protocol in the Gaddafi regime.

      Mediapart: Mediapart has published information concerning the payment of 50
      million euros in 2007/2007 at the time of Sarkozy's presidential campaign.
      Do you have any information on this subject.

      R.O.: I have heard the same thing. Moussa Koussa [editor's note, the former
      head of the intelligence agency under Gaddafi], Bashir Saleh
      ls-interpol-call-arrest-gaddafi-funding-chief> [editor's note, the
      dictator's former chief of staff] and Nouri Mesmari are best-placed to know.


      For more about the issues raised in this article, click on the links to
      Mediapart's investigations below:

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      may be hiding Gaddafi


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