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RE: [GreenLeft_discussion] How Bob views the World

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  • Carl Kenner
    If they annoy Bob Gould then I like the sound of the Socialist Equality Party already. I have to laugh at Bob s suggestion that relying on our corporate
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      If they annoy Bob Gould then I like the sound of the Socialist Equality
      Party already.

      I have to laugh at Bob's suggestion that relying on our corporate leaders is
      more important than organising a mass protest that can actually involve the
      working class in taking control of their own future.

      I think Bob has things a little backwards if he thinks that people protest
      against the war because Latham opposes it, rather than the other way around.

      I'm going to stick to being "weird" and organising anti-war protests just
      because Bob hates them.

      I hear the Adelaide rally might even have a Liberal Party speaker and not a
      Labor Party one. That'll drive Bob crazy!

      Of course the Labor party has done absolutely nothing in Adelaide to
      campaign against the war, and the campaign has been driven largely by the
      Greens, Socialist Alliance and Democrats. I remember trying to sell Mike
      Rann (South Australian Labor Premier) a Green Left and getting him to come
      to an anti-war protest (I think it might have been the big one), but he said
      he had to go to a commemoration of a bush fire that happened umpteen years
      ago. Actually the only thing the Labor party did was try to get me arrested
      for putting up posters advertising the rally.

      Too bad for Bob he's not in the Socialist Alliance, then instead of just
      criticising Green Left for not covering issues he feels are important, he
      could be writing those articles. I suspect Bob's efforts to get the Left to
      support the Labor party go unappreciated by the Labor party here, so maybe
      he should join the Alliance. Although it might be more to his liking if he
      moved to England. I'm sure the Labor party over there would be overjoyed to
      have someone like Bob defending them and attacking the "sectarians" who
      can't see the benefit of supporting a "mass" party.

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      Subject: [GreenLeft_discussion] How Sects view the World

      How Sects view the World
      by Bob Gould


      GLW and the DSP tendency are in some ways very similar to the WSWS and the
      SEP. We've just had an orgy of self-congratulation from Norm Dixon about all
      the hits Green Left Weekly gets, especially on Sundays and Mondays. Well I'm
      one of those hits, and I just surfed GLW looking for coverage of the major
      political event of the week, and the DSP comment on it, and possibly the
      DSP's comment on a major event of the previous week, the Victorian ALP's
      State Conference and its call to order on the Bracks Government's industrial
      policies. Unless I'm going blind, or didn't search properly, there is
      nothing in GLW this week about the major political event of the week -
      Bush's extraordinarily direct intervention in Australian politics about
      Iraq, and the flurry of responses from the different political forces in
      Australia. The significant response, of course, was that of Latham and the
      ALP, who have so far stuck to their guns on withdrawal of troops by
      Christmas. A (to the DSP leadership) marginal event like the Victorian trade
      union movements collision, at the ALP Conference, with the Bracks Government
      still doesn't get a mention, either. None of these issues seems to compare
      with the importance of the Canberra environmental battle about the Ridge, or
      a struggle for free speech against a local council (I don't denigrate either
      of those issues, but the mad sense of proportion displayed in not covering
      the big question of the day because they don't fit the DSP's schemas about
      working class politics is what infuriates me).

      The GLW coverage of the issue of Iraq is even wierder, considering the fact
      that the lead story in this issue of GLW is promoting a demonstration in
      three weeks time on Iraq and the occupation. This lead story succeeds in
      promoting the demonstration without discussing Bush, Howard or Latham. One
      would have thought that even at the most simple level of promoting the Iraq
      demonstration, some solidarity with Latham and the ALP in opposition to Bush
      and Howard would be a good way of building the demonstration.

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