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Iraq: Sample letters to your Representative, President and Vice-President

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  • james m nordlund
    By All, Good day, all. Thanx for posting! I hope you and yours are well and will continue to be. Cool. Good points. Excellent. Sample letters to your
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2004
      By All,
      Good day, all.  Thanx for posting!  I hope you and yours are well and will
      continue to be.  Cool.  Good points.  Excellent.  Sample letters to your Representative, President and Vice-President  :)
      Subject: Foreign Policy: Abuses in Iraq, etc.
      Dear  Representative            ,
      The mishandling of affairs in Iraq grows worse week by week.  The reputation of the US in Iraq and throughout the Muslim world deteriorates inexorably. Now we learn of the degrading abuses perpetrated on Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib Prison by American military and contract personnel, actions that all patriotic Americans abhor as bestial and repulsive betrayals of American values.
      In Guantanamo and the US, people are detained without recourse to counsel
      or representation.  This is unacceptable.  Congress must at once set a full
      investigatory process in motion; bring out all the facts; and demand
      accountability from the Administration.  We can no longer tolerate this
      costly, degrading, inept conduct.  I urge you, Representative               , to
      push for investigations of the Iraq and "war on terrorism" mess and identify all
      responsible individuals and offices!  Please consider advocating with our Senators on these issues; with my points in mind.  Thank you!
                             Yours Truly,   (your name, address, + ph. number)
      Subject: Foreign Policy: Abuses in Iraq, etc.
      Dear President and Vice-President,
      I'm deeply concerned by recent allegations of torture and ill-treatment
      emerging from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Extensive research by Amnesty
      International suggests that this is not an isolated incident and that these
      reported violations have exacerbated an already fragile situation in Iraq.
      Amnesty International has interviewed former detainees in Iraq and
      Afghanistan who have reported being subjected to torture or other cruel,
      inhuman or degrading treatment during interrogation and detention, and has
      repeatedly brought this information to the attention of the US government.
      US government officials have yet to respond fully to these allegations.
      Only last year, you stated that, "torture anywhere is an affront to human dignity
      everywhere" and that "the United States is committed to the world-wide
      elimination of torture and [is] leading this fight by example."   The
      torture and ill-treatment of Iraqi detainees at the hands of US military
      personnel runs contrary to your words and the tenets of US and international
      law.  The implementation of US and international laws must be a priority for
      the United States if the Iraqi people are to live free of brutal and
      degrading practices. For Iraq to have a sustainable and peaceful future,
      human rights must be a central component of the way forward.
      It's essential that the world community view the investigations as thorough
      and impartial, and that both those who commit such acts of torture and those
      in command who condone them are held accountable.  For that reason, I urge
      you to support an independent investigation into these violations and public
      disclosure of the findings, and to cooperate with the United Nations High
      Commission for Human Rights and others as they gather information on these
      abuses.  Thank you!
                           Yours Truly,   (your name, address, + ph. number)
      All, what do you think?  Lest "we" forget, if you don't exercise
      responsibility, its Siamese sister, freedom, will wither, as well. Sadly,
      now, it first needs to be exorcized before its exercised.  Copy, share, as
      you will. Viva la evolution! Music is life's song accompanying the abundance
      of joy's Spring. Enjoy a vernal eve' as you can. I look forward to hearing
      from you.
      Matutinally Yours,               james m nordlund          reality (aja) :)
      For those interested :) "of or pertaining to the morning, day: relating to
      or happening in the morning or in the early part of the day (formal),
      (Mid-16th century, from late Latin matutinalis, from Matuta, goddess of the
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      which is heard but not seen."  ~ Leonardo da Vinci    Au revoir.

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