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Elderly, sick worker trapped at workplace in Rafah

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  • Sue B.
    20/05/2004 Elderly, sick worker trapped at workplace in Rafah DWRC- The Democracy and Worker�s Rights Center in Palestine May 19th, 2004 THE ISRAELI RAID ON
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      Elderly, sick worker trapped at workplace in Rafah

      DWRC- The Democracy and Worker’s Rights Center in Palestine

      May 19th, 2004
      Elderly, Sick Worker Trapped at Workplace in Rafah

      As the Israeli army escalates its merciless military siege on the Gazan town of Rafah, a lone watchman -- 60-year-old Adbel Fatah Muhammad Salim Al-Bayumi, afflicted with diabetes -- languishes trapped at his worksite without any medicine or access to proper care for a third consecutive day.

      At this very moment, Israeli tanks are circulating around Abdel Fatah’s construction site, shooting anything that moves, and Adbel is hiding in a container on the site of the Abu-Ziad Company housing construction project, powerless to emerge. While a member of the DWRC’s Gaza branch office has attempted to approach the site in order to extend medical help, he has found it impossible to reach Abdel Fatah in the midst of the heavy gunfire. DWRC has contacted the Red Cross for assistance, and every attempt to assist Abdel Fatah till now has been in vain.

      Abdel Fatah’s terrifying predicament is an unfortunate illustration of the reach of Israeli military campaigns into every aspect of existence in Palestine and the lives of all its citizens. Even on the most "peaceful" of days, the Occupation deprives Adbel Fatah of the right to bring bread home to his family of 12 without constant anxiety and work insecurity. And today, the Israeli army denies Abdel Fatah the right to treat his condition and the right to see his family without fear for his life.

      DWRC condemns this ruthless and unrelenting offensive perpetrated by the Israeli government, in which 27 Palestinians have been killed, 12 critically wounded, and countless injured. Dozens of houses have been damaged, and tonight and for many nights after, the already impoverished inhabitants of these houses will try to manage a night’s sleep in the open, vulnerable and covered only by the sky.

      We call upon the world to act against the unrelenting inhumanity of the Israeli Occupation and its implications for Palestinians simply working to earn their daily bread. To all who carry the flag of human rights, we entreat you: Intervene immediately for Abdel Fatah and other workers afflicted in every facet of their lives by the brutality of the Occupation.

      You can send protest letters to the following addresses:
      - UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, coi@...
      - European Union, civis@...
      - Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Fax (+972 2) 670-5361 pm_eng@...
      - Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz, Fax (+972 3) 691-6940 sar@...
      - The nearest Israeli Embassy: you will find addresses on http://www.embassyworld.com/embassy/israel1.htm
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