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Fwd: [sindhmedia] Letter from Sui: Human rights violations

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  • ramratan chatterjee
    noutak baloch wrote: To: balochi culture From: noutak baloch Date: Thu, 24 May
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2007
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      noutak baloch <ameerism@...> wrote: To: balochi culture <balochi_culture@yahoogroups.com>
      From: noutak baloch <ameerism@...>
      Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 21:00:44 +0100 (BST)
      Subject: [sindhmedia] Letter from Sui: Human rights violations

      Dear All: Please read the following e-mail I have received from Sui:

      "Salam Waajah Ameeri,

      Pakistan army is doing very brutal search operation at Lunjaah, Pezbogi Mut and Neelagh area 20 km from Sui.

      During this search operation many innocent civilians have been arrested and beaten severely. The army have fired upon the huts and destroyed the wheat which was collected
      by the villagers after a year's hard work and kept to feed their children for one year.

      Women pleaded to them not to fire upon their huts and don't
      arrest their men folk. But they did not listen to these poor and helpless women instead they beaten them badly.

      During this search operation they arrested one Lehaaq s/o
      Dad Mohammed Bugti and beaten him on the spot in front of
      his family and all the villagers. They took him away to their torture cell. And after two days they killed him under torture.
      They took his dead body to Quetta Cantt where they operated his dead body and took his kidneys and other body parts. His dead body was desecrated, brought back and thrown away near Dera Bugti city. When his mother heard
      all this tragic story she died because of this great shock.

      Pakistan army is doing business with the body parts of the
      dead bodies of Baloch resisters.

      One week before this tragic event Pakistan army attacked
      Kohistan Marri area where they have arrested 6 Marri tribesmen and brought them to Dera Bugti army Cantt. Among them 4 Marris were killed under torture and their dead bodies were thrown near Dera Bugti city. Their burial was performed by the local people.

      After the murder of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Dera Bugti has
      become under the full fledged army control. The local journalists are not allowed to report any news about army
      operations and their atrocities in Marri and Bugti areas.

      There is a total blackout on the news. Pakistani or foreign
      journalists are not allwed to enter this area.

      Once the reporter of Arabic news channel Aljazeera came
      here he was humiliated, threatened and forced to leave and go back to Islamabad. You can understand how a journalist
      dare to come here and report the human rights violations
      committed by the Pakistan army against poor Baloch.

      Please request our brothers in Europe and North America to
      appeal to the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International,
      International Red Cross, all human rights organizations and
      media to send their representatives to Balochistan to see
      for themselves the situation of human rights violations by
      the Pakistan army and its military intelligence agencies and
      act before total annihilation of Baloch people.

      (name withheld)

      Dear friends,
      Please spread this e-mail to all your friends and all websites.


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