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Brazil "Left" - “I hope that Lula is not re-elected”

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  • Fred Fuentes
    News from Latin American on the position of the (ultra) left in Brazil. Apologies in advance for rushed translation Fred * * *Brazil*** *Neither Lula nor
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2006
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      News from Latin American on the position of the (ultra) left in Brazil.
      Apologies in advance for rushed translation




      *Neither Lula nor Alckmin represent the interests of the workers�*

      *The want to implement attacks against the rights of workers and apply
      central measures demanded by imperialism and the bourgeois*

      *Nor Lula, or Alckmin. Vote null in the second round of the elections.*

      The vote of the Left Front (Frente de Izquierda) has confirmed the
      popularity of Heloisa Helena, who obtained close to 7% (more the six and
      half million votes). Nevertheless, the parliamentary candidates and the
      governorships of the Left Front have a very unfavourable result. Luciana
      Genro (Rio Grande do Sul), Ivan Valente (Sao Paulo) and Chico Alencar (Rio
      de Janiero) were barely re-elected as federal deputies. For the second round
      on October 29, the Front has not yet resolved its position, although Heloisa
      Helena herself affirmed yesterday: "I hope that Lula is not re-elected". In
      any case, the political discussion has opened up. What follows is the
      declaration of the United Socialist Party of Workers (Partido Socialists dos
      Trabalhadores Unificado, PSTU) referring to this question. (News desk of
      Correspondencia de Prensa).

      *Nor Lula, nor Alckmin. Vote null in the second round of the elections*

      *Declaration by PSTU*


      *Translated by Federico Fuentes from Spanish translation by Ernesto Herrera
      � Correspondencia de Prensa*
      The PSTU was part of the Left Front, with Heloisa Helena as president
      candidate, as an opposition as much to Lula as to Alckmin. We believe that
      this was very important, because the Front pointed to an alternative in
      front of those two projects that defend the same neoliberal model and the
      same corruption that has hit our country. The preliminary results indicate
      that their will be a second round in the presidential elections, were there
      are two candidates � Lula and Alckmin. In this scenario, there will be a
      mood in the workers to support the candidacy of Lula to avoid "the return of
      the right". In front of this situation, the PSTU declares:

      1) The PSDB (Brazilian Social Democratic Party) and the PFL (Liberal
      Front Party) are the parties of the traditional right in this country and
      they want to return to government to rob and apply the same economic
      policies that favour the rich and prejudice the workers. During the last
      eight years that they were in power, they were responsible for the
      introduction of the neoliberal project in Brazil. It was with Fernando
      Henrique Cardoso (FHC) that unemployment increased in a brutal fashion and
      the internal and external debts exploded. It was with PSDB/PFL that the
      privatisation of 133 state companies was carried out. The privatisations
      were marked by a robbery never before seen in history. The privatisation of
      Telebras had the direct interference of FHC in order to benefit a group of
      business owners. The bourgeois opposition has no authority to talk of
      morality and political ethics. The recent scandal of the dossier
      demonstrates its involvement with the mafia of the leeches. Alckmin is the
      expression of this sector and its image is associated with FHC and his
      corrupt government.

      2) During his term, the Lula government has maintained the same
      neoliberal policy from the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC): he
      withdrew billions from health, education, agrarian reform � by half its
      primary surplus � to guarantee the payment of the external and internal
      debts and he carried out measures demanded by the Brazilian bourgeoisie and
      by international finical capital, like the reform of the Prevision

      3) Lula does not govern, and never did government for the workers. That
      Lula was a working class leader confuses the consciousness of thousands of
      workers. His government is right wing, but with a workers face. Lula governs
      with the bourgeoisie and applies an economic plan at the service of the big
      companies and imperialism. As the president himself recognised, under his
      government "the rich, the companies and the banks won more money than ever"
      (Lula, declaration to Folha do Sao Paulo, 18/9/2006). On the other hand, *
      mensualon* [monthly bribes offered for votes in the PT government], leeches
      and the buying of a dossier, demonstrate that the Lula government also
      copied that same old corruption of the governments of the right like those
      of de Collor y FHC.

      4) Lula and Alckmin want to implement attacks against the rights of the
      workers and apply key measures demanded by imperialism and the bourgeoisie,
      like the new reform of the Prevision and Trade Union and Labour reforms. The
      labour reform aims to eliminate historic conquests by the workers like the
      three-tenths wage, reduction in vacations, make more flexible the mechanisms
      for the contracting of workers and finish off the FGTS. The trade union
      reform would give total power to the bureaucracies of the trade union
      federation (CUT and Fuerza Sindical), prejudicing the rank and file
      unionists. The new reform of the Prevision aims to elevate the minimum age
      of retirement to 65 years.

      5) Neither Lula nor Alckmin represent the interests of the workers in
      the second round. Despite the electoral confrontations, there is nothing
      more like a PT government than a *tucano* [Alckmin] government. Both share
      the same neoliberal economic plan and the same corruption. The fight
      furiously between themselves but only to see who will be able to benefit
      themselves best out the state apparatus.

      6) To vote for Lula or for Alckmin is, therefore, to give a blank
      cheque for them to continue with corruption and the robbing of our rights,
      In front of this situation, the PSTU calls for "Neither Lula nor Alckmin"
      and for a null vote in the second round of the elections. We also call on
      all our comrades of the Left Front to pronounce themselves for a null vote
      and to realise together a campaign for this position. This would be the
      continuation of want we defended together in the first round of the
      elections. This is the first step to working together on a struggle without
      truces against the neoliberal project, no matter who implements it.

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