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Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: "Howard's land poli cies like Hitler's"

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  • Kismet
    C mon! It would HAVE to be Sergeant Schultze! I know Nuffink! D. ... From: Ana To:
    Message 1 of 34 , Oct 2, 2006
      C'mon! It would HAVE to be Sergeant Schultze!

      "I know Nuffink!"


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      -i would agree the alp are just as pathetic and racist as the
      liberals, tring to think of a fat racist facist that personifies
      beazly ?..?Colonel Klink

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      > > "Howard's land policies like Hitler's", says Aboriginal leader
      > Michael Anderson
      > Thats' all very fine...but Anderson forgets to mention that on this
      > point the ALP federal leader agrees with this opposition to such a
      > succesful land claim as the Perth one.
      > So if John Howard is Hitler what does that make Kim Beasley? Any
      > thoughts on that?
      > But hey! what do I know, I', just Raving Dave...
      > dave riley
      > ____
      > Federal opposition leader Kim Beazley has echoed PM Howard's views
      > expressing similar reservations to the ruling. Backing WA Labor's
      > plans for an appeal to the Federal Court decision he has tac itly
      > supported WA deputy Premier Eric Ripper's assertion that the Federal
      > Court has handed down contradictory findings in the latest claim to
      > those of the 2002 Yorta Yorta ruling. (Yorta Yorta covered claims over
      > settled areas in southern NSW and northern Victoria).
      > Beazley's remarks have drawn criticism from within the ALP, splitting
      > its ranks. ALP National President and NSW Native Title member Warren
      > Mundine is at odds with his federal leader describing the ruling in
      > the September 21 Australian as "a fantastic decision - it opens up a
      > lot of help for a lot of indigenous people."
      > Taking a swipe at Beazley, he said: "People should calm down and start
      > looking at the benefits that could come out of this. I have not seen
      > anyone outside of this Aboriginal community who have lost."
      > Indigenous leader and NSW Labor parliamentarian Linda Burney, who is
      > also running for presidency of the ALP, has expressed her surprise
      > that the ALP had taken a position against the ruling.
      > In WA, Labor backbencher Carol Martin, Nyoongar and the only female
      > Aboriginal MP, told the September 22 West Australian that traditional
      > owners had been forced into court by the government but now that same
      > government refused to accept "the umpire's decision".
      > "It's not really Australian is it?", she added.
      > The only other Aboriginal MP in WA, Ben Wyatt, told the West "It gives
      > the Nyoongar a tiny toehold to enable discussions to at least take
      > place." and that "In the light of the negligible impact that this
      > decision will have on people's property rights in WA, I'd simply
      > accept this decision and try to negotiate a better outcome."
      > Ex-Prime Minister Paul Keating has expressed his concerns at WA
      > Labor's reaction to the Federal Court's ruling telling the September
      > 22 Australian "I should have thought that the speed of the decision of
      > West Australia to announce its intention is relatively unseemly."
      > http://makeashorterlink.com/?A2DD112ED

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    • Peter Perkins
      It didn t stop NSW Labor commenting on the Macquarie Fields Riots, the Cronulla racial villification day of rage, on Lebanese criminals (their words, not
      Message 34 of 34 , Oct 5, 2006
        It didn't stop NSW Labor commenting on the Macquarie Fields Riots, the
        Cronulla racial villification day of rage, on Lebanese "criminals"(their
        words, not mine), Aboriginal rioters, the Lebanese rapists, etc. Their
        public diatribes didn't hinder the trials of any of the defendants. In
        fact it served to maximise the sentences of all those charged.

        Then again Labor could hardly admit that there are coppers who are
        natural born killers in our midst, can they now? Their policies, and
        therefore their credibility, rests heavily on the shoulders of these
        corrupt upholders of "law and order". The rest of us are the criminals.

        Peter Perkins

        Ed Lewis wrote:
        > Riley apparently wants the copper to get off on a mistrial. Whose side
        > is he on?
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