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Roy Bailey sends back MBE

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  • John Tognolini
    Roy Bailey sends back MBE Press Release Roy Bailey, PO Box 1147, Sheffield S11 7EJ email: roybailey1@btinternet.com As a life-long supporter of the Labour
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Roy Bailey sends back MBE

      Press Release

      Roy Bailey,
      PO Box 1147,
      Sheffield S11 7EJ
      email: roybailey1@...

      As a life-long supporter of the Labour Party I am so
      appalled at the Government's foreign policy that I
      have decided to return the MBE I was awarded in the
      Millennium Honours List for 'services to folk music'.
      I can think of no better way for me, lawfully, to
      express my horror and opposition to our failure to
      call for an immediate ceasefire in the Lebanon and to
      our complicity with the USA's policy of supporting
      Israel's actions in Palestine.

      Tony Blair's support for the policies of the USA is
      for me a betrayal of all I took the Labour Party to
      stand for. The death and destruction on all sides and
      the chaos in both Iraq and Afghanistan is the result
      of such decisions. The Parliamentary and Labour
      Constituency Parties, by remaining supportive of these
      policies, are discredited as far as I am concerned.

      I am not so foolish as to expect any government to be
      able to deliver all its manifesto promises. I
      understand and accept that compromises have to be
      made. However, when it comes to waging an illegal war
      in Iraq, the killing of innocent people in
      Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and now, the Lebanon, I
      can no longer accept as an "honour" a recommendation
      supported by the Prime Minister, that I be awarded the

      Tony Blair insists his decisions are in support of
      democracy. We cannot bomb people into accepting
      democracy any more than we could slaughter people into
      accepting Christianity.

      I understand many people within the folk music
      community have applauded such awards as a welcomed
      recognition of the contribution folk music (dance and
      song) makes to our common culture. I trust they will
      understand my reasons for now rejecting and returning
      that award.

      Roy Bailey

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