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Americans turn against Bush - Green Left Weekly #562 November 19, 2003

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  • glparramatta
    http://www.greenleft.org.au Green Left Weekly, Australia s socialist newspaper Issue #562 November 19, 2003 Green Left Weekly provides news, information,
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      Green Left Weekly,
      Australia's socialist newspaper
      Issue #562 November 19, 2003

      Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
      environmental and left perspective.

      Featured this week: Americans turn against Bush: 'We won't die for oil!'
      For the first time since the US began its war to conquer Iraq and turn
      its oil resources over to US corporations, a majority of US voters
      disapprove of the way US President George Bush is handling the situation
      in Iraq. Green Left Weekly explains why.

      UNITED STATES: Washington's unpopular war: Americans turn against Bush

      Solidarity needed in the face of war
      Kurdish asylum seekers: Government lies again

      RUSSIA: What does arrest of billionaire signify?
      SAUDI ARABIA: Saving oil monarchy is key US concern
      PALESTINE: Israeli apartheid wall not for `self-defence'
      UNITED STATES: War crimes revealed: `We killed anything that walked'
      IRAQ: US troops fire on Kurdish rebels
      SCOTLAND: Railway workers may affiliate with socialists
      BRITAIN: 100,000 expected for anti-Bush demonstration
      GERMANY: 100,000 march against social-service cuts
      GERMANY: Thousands oppose transport of N-waste
      CHINA: Behind the US campaign on the yuan

      Andrews plans new wave of attacks on unions
      Hicks, Habib get US court hearing
      TAFE and education workers lift bans
      Tiwi islanders: `We're all non-Australians'
      Media-government frame-up of Brigitte intensifies
      The shared-care debate
      Quartermaine proposes new rations system

      10,000 workers call for a `fair go'
      Red Fox speaks to socialists
      Socialist Alliance conference selects Senate team
      News briefs
      Protesting police racism and violence
      WA teachers escalate industrial action
      Free Hector the Protector
      Redevelopment goes off the rails
      CFMEU imposes green ban on Pyrmont site
      Bacon plans privatisation

      Tariq Ali's new book: Iraq, empire and resistance
      On the box
      A cruel world
      `Gay acceptance' or same old stereotypes
      Where is Bobby?

      Write On: Letters to Green Left Weekly
      Loose cannons
      Chris Kelly cartoon
      JB Cartoon
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