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Failed Attempt to Resuscitate a Dead Policy

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  • Walter Lippmann
    Failed Attempt to Resuscitate a Dead Policy Alberto N Jones December 25, 2005 In the fall of 2003, a commission that was headed by then Secretary of State
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2005
      Failed Attempt to Resuscitate a Dead Policy
      Alberto N Jones
      December 25, 2005

      In the fall of 2003, a commission that was headed by then Secretary of
      Colin Powell and Senator Mel Martinez, were given the disgraceful task to
      prepare and present to President George W. Bush, a comprehensive plan for
      Regime Change in Cuba. In the month of May 2004 this mission was
      by delivering 500 pages of a shameful and vulgar neo-colonial document,
      euphemistically described as Recommendations for the Commission for
      to a Free Cuba.

      The only difference this time, was the brutality and viciousness of the
      measures that were implemented. Cousins and aunts are no longer families,

      family visits to Cuba are now restricted to once every three years prior
      request/approval by the US Treasury Department, only $100.00 per month can
      be sent
      to any acceptable household, irrespective of the number of family members
      the most elaborate tracking system, record keeping and fine enforcement
      against illegal travelers, is more numerous and sophisticated than what is
      established against Al Qaida and Bin Laden.

      The first recorded attempt by the United States government to ovethrow the
      Cuban government took place in Washington DC on May 19, 1959, with the
      of the White Rose, a group headed by Dr. Rafael Diaz-Balart, former Minister

      of Interior of the government of Fulgencio Batista and father of our two US

      Congressmen, Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart (R Miami).

      This open intervention into the internal affairs of another country was
      followed by a massive sabotage campaign, assassinations attempts of
      officials, the infamous invasion of the Bay of Pigs, the Missile Crisis,
      Operation Mangoose, the world longest and fiercest blockade that so far,
      served only to destroy that country infrastructure, inflict indescribable
      and suffering on its people and delay its development.

      Rather than achieve their delusion, Cuba have withstood these hostile
      actions, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc countries,
      which Cuba did more than 70% of its financial transactions and purchased its

      And what historians will describe as the most unprincipled and wicked
      of the government of the United States, by openly ignoring a basic premise
      of decency in war, peace, sports or human relation that says, while your
      opponent is down, you help him up and you do not punch him while on the
      even if the fight will continue later.

      The Torricelli Bill was introduced and enacted into law by this US
      Congressman from New Jersey, who was later caught red-handed, selling his
      soul and
      votes to the highest bidder, in exchange for designer suits, tickets for
      sporting events and meals.

      Years later, it was rabid anti-Cuba, ultra-conservative, known racist from
      North Carolina
      Senator Helms, who with the help of Senator Burton from Indiana,
      successfully introduced an ammendment that carries their names, further
      tightening the
      noose around Cuba, which according to plans, should bring down that
      in the next three months, which lead Senator Helms to exclaim: that he did
      not care how Castro would leave, vertical or horizontal, but he must go!

      This diabolic triad - the collapse of the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc

      countries, the Torricelli and the Helms Burton Bill-, led Cuba into a
      financial spin, that brought the entire country to a stand still.
      Electricity was available 2-3 hours a day, there were no means of
      lack of medicine was near absolute and hunger and malnutrition was wide

      The only historical comparison that Cuba had for this massive human
      disaster, was the Reconcentration in 1896 when General Valeriano Weyler,
      then head of
      the Spanish occupying forces, forcefully concentrated tens of thousands of
      peasants into cities, hoping to deprive the Cuban Army of Independence of
      support base, causing the death of tens of thousands of innocent citizens
      through hunger, overcrowding and disease.

      Had President George W. Bush, General Colin Powell, Mel Martinez and others

      in his administration not followed the recipe and pressures of the
      ultra-right-wing Cuban-American community in Miami or had they reviewed
      Cuban History
      101, they would not have failed so stridently and miserably.

      Their pathological obsession with that country and its leaders, their need
      for personal recognition which they hope to achieve by being the ones who
      topple that country’s government, lead them to keep on
      coming back for more and
      more mistakes, failures and embarrasment.

      Rather than rescind this immoral, despicable and revolting attempt to
      overthrow another government that have done them no harm, their actions
      the misery that others imposed on millions of people that were forcefully
      away from their families, their homeland and tragically, the modern
      perpetrators of this heinous act are no other than Colin Powell and
      Rice, sons and daughters of those victims, that they have now openly

      And now, rather than devoting herself and her intellect to search for ways
      to extract thousands of US soldiers trapped in an ever-deepening quagmire in

      Iraq, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has reconvened this bellicose,
      anti-Cuba commission, which they have flooded with millions of dollars, not
      alliviate the pain and suffering of victims of Katrina in New Orleans, the
      Tsunami in Indonesia or the earthquake in Pakistan. Instead, millions of
      will be poured into dark holes of their cronies, some of which will be
      on Radio and TV Marti, their hand-picked, trained and nurtured
      in Cuba, who have turned this into their modus-vivendi, with a steady
      of dollars that allow them to live above the average citizen in Cuba and
      rest will be recycled back into the US political machinery at the local,
      state and national level, to further exert their coercive power on every
      regarding Cuba.

      Against these individuals and their deep bank account is
      Cuba’s history
      forged in the struggle and blood of exemplary sons and daughters such as
      Antonio Maceo, Mariana Grajales, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, Quintin
      Banderas, Jose Marti and a myriad of others patriots, who laid the
      cleared the trail through which our people will walk in defense of their
      independence and sovereignty, without ever taking into account the risks
      sacrifices that is required to preserve their independence, their flag,
      their anthem
      and their honor.

      Poet Bonifacio Byrne said it best in the past century.
      “If someday we would
      see our flag ripped in pieces, even the dead, raising their hands, would
      still know how to defend it”.

      Bonificio Byrne, our XIX century poet said it best. “If
      someday we would
      see our flag ripped in pieces, even our dead, raising their hands, would
      know how to defend it”.

      Poor Condi and her friends!!

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