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  • Lucho
    CHILE No to Impunity Hunger Strike BECAUSE WE RE ALIVE, WE WON T FORGIVE NOR FORGET Santiago, Chile, 20 August 2003. Today, 18 August, at 10.30am, in the
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      “No to Impunity” Hunger Strike




      Santiago, Chile, 20 August 2003.


      Today, 18 August, at 10.30am, in the headquarters of Izquierda Cristiana (Christian Left) of 2404 Compañía Street, an indefinite Hunger Strike has began, organised by young sons and daughters of Detained, Disappeared and Executed for Political reasons. Inspired by the memory of Luciano Carrasco, son of the murdered journalist José Carrasco, who decided to take his own life in November of last year, Fahra Neghme, Pablo Villagra and Alberto Rodríguez have began this Hunger Strike as a means of protest and to put across an alternative to the policies of impunity sponsored by the government of Ricardo Lagos.


      The following statement was issued this morning.



      Letter to the Public:


      Some 30 years after the Military Coup, the Right, the governing coalition and the high command of the Armed Forces have achieved a historic political agreement that aims to enshrine impunity in Chile. None of the points included in the proposal presented by the Government, and which is today applauded by the murderers, are steps that could allow an advance down the path of justice in our country. What is worse, and causes more indignation, they offer alternatives that allow those who participated in these crimes to obtain full impunity in exchange for information and the reduction of sentences of those already tried for their participation in those crimes.


      We feel that this once more mocks, like the Discussion Group before it, the Judges who today honourably carry out their functions, the relatives of the victims, and society as a whole.


      In Chile, the great majority of those responsible for the assassinations, torture and disappearances carried out during the Dictatorship walk the streets free or are held in luxurious facilities provided by the army.

      We value the actions taken by some Ministers of the Court and Judges in Human Rights cases. Nevertheless, we consider it insufficient, because for Justice to act there needs to be more Judges assigned to these cases and increased numbers among the investigating body.


      We feel that the country, as well as repudiating the bloody events suffered by many Chileans, must penalise, both socially and with the law, all those directly responsible these crimes, their accomplices, and those who concealed them. It is the only way that our children and future generations can live safe in the knowledge that, in Chile, the wrongs we have unjustly endured will never again be committed by either political or military authorities. Tired of lies, promises and false expectations, and conscious that there is no possible compensation because nothing nor anybody can ever give us back our family members and Chile the compatriots lost, we declare ourselves in an indefinite Hunger Strike so that the country and the world know that, in Chile, political authorities refuse to acknowledge these offences as crimes against humanity that as such do not expire and can’t be amnestied, and in doing so violates all international Treaties in existence since the Second World War.


      We call on all people and social organisations who believe in the right to live in a just and democratic country to show their solidarity in support of justice. We, the relatives of the victims, are prepared to continue to struggle and will not abandon this Hunger Strike until we see Chile advance towards Justice. But this great task is for all of us, for today more than ever silence is on the side of impunity.




      Alexandra Benado, Ivan Carrasco, Natalia Chanfreau, Yuri Gaona, Fahra Nehgme, Juan José Parada, Michelle Retamal, Alberto Rodríguez, Daniela Taberna, Carolina Valdes, Bárbara Vergara,  Pablo Villagra, Eduardo Ziede, Liliana Salazar.






      Today we ask for the solidarity of individuals and social and political organisations in Australia, that they show their opposition to the mantle of impunity with which President Lagos wants to cloak Chilean society. Support the struggle for Justice and Truth of those striking through letters and statements of solidarity. Let’s not allow impunity to envelop and paralyse us.








      huelga_lucianocarrasco@...  AND redchilena@...


      If you want to be involved in the Campaign to support this hunger strike and the Struggle against 30 years of Impunity in Chile; please contact us

      Chilean Popular and Indigenous Network, 0401 558373, 0407 331436, 9481 2273

      chilenetwork@... - redchilena@...










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