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  • james m nordlund
    Dear All, Ola! I must speak to the steady as you go crowd sentiment being projected by the corporate structure, as a desired direction of advocacy and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2003
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      Dear All,

      Ola! I must speak to the steady as you go crowd sentiment being projected
      by the corporate structure, as a desired direction of advocacy and activism
      on the left. We're in a crossroads that has lasted a decade, and will soon
      end, where the point at which ecological destruction, etc., will become
      irreversible soon; and humanities' virtual extinction a reality in the
      future, unfolding over a few decades. I feel this is being done by both as
      desire to assert more control over the growing opposition to the supposed
      two party system, the remocrats and their facilitators, the dempublicans.
      I keep on being surprised when I read this from such notables as Howard
      Zinn. I expect this much from the corporate goody two shoes "leaders" that
      are wheeled out by such programs as 11th hour on PBS this Sunday ( when it's
      really the 12th ), for i.e., Jane Goodal just relatinghow the "world is
      filled with wonderful people", and that global society "should be able to
      come up with techno-fixes for everything", when most people are only at
      their best non-murderous, and usually destructive at
      least, and only 400 years of supposed science has brought humanities'
      impending extinction to be racing towards us from the future, visible on the
      horizon! As well, has caused an extinction rate of 50,000 species per year,
      a rate not seen since the last ice age ensued it. I think this is a savvy
      political attempt by the corporate structure and multi-media conspiracy to
      lessen third party plausibility, acceptance and growth, by the facilitators
      of the remocrats, the dempublicans; for, many more are due to the empire's
      embracing "unending war" as policy and practice! Now that it's obvious the
      republican conspiracy is using the war on terror to profit economically,
      politically, by the taking of future oil contracts, forced lowering oil
      prices, decreasing competition, and monopolizing on reconstruction contracts
      that drain the US taxpayer and gov't dry, to justifying their world
      dominance, isn't it more important to speak out about how war shouldn't be
      used as an economic tool and a substitute for foreign policy any more? Yet,
      a unique example of this dualistic, dichotomous delusional nature of our
      society isn't hard to come by, the delusional constructs of the existence of
      sides comes to mind; for, it's the basis for the supposed societal
      survivalistic need to have unending war until everyone that doesn't like US
      is defeated. Isn't it common to all of humanity that advancing
      civilization, evolution, includes to end of all war,
      period, yet, this has been delegated to fairytale status by supposed
      humanists, moralists, and supposed Christians alike? Mustn't we do as much
      as possible? Hasn't any steady as she goes social theories only brought us
      to this point of human failure?

      This while science has become supposed science only, market orientated, not
      truth seeking and investigative; as the letter that follows will attest to.
      The unknown
      is a scientific fact, yet, totally dismissed from all supposed scientific
      thought today. All scientific laws are just extremely accurate
      probabilities, yet,
      for avarice and greed, they purport them to be reality. In the U.S., almost
      all supposed scientists that work for the gov't are even worse, for, they're
      political scientists first; practicing whatever other supposed science they
      fabricate they're experts in only subordinant to politics. Now, it's far
      worse, even the political supposed scientists that work for the gov't are
      having their half truths silenced by the make believe Christian supposed
      scientists, who dictate that supposed science must answer to make believe
      Christianity before politics; and many of them are being silenced and losing
      their jobs if they resist! They're making the "scientific" world as
      totalitarian, and its communication as controlled, as the political world;
      inorder to prevent forewarning of the people of the permanently altered
      weather cycles and their causing the coming extinction of humanity. That's
      another reason for the republican conspiracies' supposedly necessitated
      "unending war" against terrorism. To set up military dictatorships
      everywhere they can, that are controlled by the corporate structure and its
      puppet gov'ts. That so the people will be ruled by the military, and when
      they resist the race towards extinction, they'll be forced to go along with
      it. So, now, the "scientific" world not only has to deal with its lack of
      (w)holistic and somatic perspective and its machinelike approach, it also
      has to deal with its abysmal market directed half truths being silenced by
      religious dogmatists who fabricate they're Christian; c'est la unvie, no?
      "Dear Dr Blume, Editor in Chief
      American Physical Society
      Thank you for you letter of April 8. I would have liked to be able to
      share the honorable sentiments you express in your letter as well as your
      optimism in the future role of science and the scientific community. To be
      frank, and with much sadness and pain, after 40 years of activity and
      collaboration, I find very little reason for such optimism. What we are
      watching today, I believe, is a culmination of 10--15 years of mounting
      barbarism of the American culture the world over, crowned by the
      achievements of science and technology as a major weapon of mass

      We are witnessing man hunt and wanton killing of the type and scale not
      seen since the raids on American Indian populations, by a superior
      technological power of inferior culture and values. We see no corrective
      force to restore the insanity, the self-righteousness and the lack of
      respect for human life (civilian and military) of another race.

      Science cannot stay neutral, especially after it has been so cynically
      used in the hands of the inspectors to disarm a country and prepare it for
      decimation by laser guided cluster bombs. No, science of the American
      variety has no recourse. I, personally, cannot see myself anymore sharing a
      common human community with American science. Unfortunately, I also belong
      to a culture of a similar spiritual deviation (Israel), and which seems to
      equally incorrigible.

      In desperation I cannot but turn my attention to other tragic periods in
      which major societies, some with claims to fundamental contributions to
      culture and science, have deviated so far as to be relegated to ostracism
      and quarantine. At this point I think American society should be considered
      in this category. I have no illusions of power, as to the scope and prospect
      of my attitude. But, the minor role of my act and statement is a simple way
      of affirming that in the face of a growing enormity which I consider
      intolerable, I will exercise my own tiny act of disobedience to be able to
      look straight into the eyes of my grandchildren and my students and say
      that I did know.
      With regard, Daniel Amit
      PS I intend to distribute our exchange as much as possible. I authorize
      and pray that you do the same."

      Also, excellent analysis of these topics in the following just released
      article :)
      Sleepwalking To Extinction by George Monbiot; August 11, 2003 Something
      about the human mind appears to prevent us from grasping the reality of
      climate change. We live in a dreamworld. With a small, rational part of the
      we recognize that our existence is governed by material realities,
      and that, as those realities change, so will our lives. But
      underlying this awareness is the deep semi-consciousness which
      absorbs the moment in which we live then generalizes it, projecting
      our future lives as repeated instances of the present. This, not the
      superficial world of our reason, is our true reality. All that
      separates us from the indigenous people of Australia is that they
      recognize this and we do not.

      Our dreaming will, as it has begun to do already, destroy the
      conditions necessary for human life on earth. Were we governed by
      reason, we would be on the barricades today, dragging the drivers of
      Range Rovers and Nissan Patrols out of their seats, occupying and
      shutting down the coal-burning power stations, bursting in upon the
      Blairs' retreat from reality in Barbados and demanding a reversal of
      economic life as dramatic as the one we bore when we went to war
      with Hitler. Instead, we whine about the heat and thumb through the
      brochures for holidays in Iceland. The future has been laid out
      before us, but the deep eye with which we place ourselves on earth
      will not see it.

      Of course, we cannot say that the remarkable temperatures in Europe
      this week are the result of global warming. What we can say is that
      they correspond to the predictions made by climate scientists. As
      the Met Office reported on Sunday, "all our models have suggested
      that this type of event will happen more frequently."1 In December
      it predicted that, as a result of climate change, 2003 would be the
      warmest year on record.2 Two weeks ago its research center reported
      that the temperature rises on every continent matched the predicted
      effects of climate change caused by human activities, and showed
      that natural impacts, such as sunspots or volcanic activity, could
      not account for them.3 Last month the World Meteorological
      Organization announced that "the increase in temperature in the 20th
      century is likely to have been the largest in any century during the
      past 1000 years", while " the trend for the period since 1976 is
      roughly three times that for the past 100 years as a whol e."4
      Climate change, the WMO suggests, provides an explanation not only
      for record temperatures in Europe and India but also for the
      frequency of tornadoes in the United States and the severity of the
      recent floods in Sri Lanka.5

      There are, of course, still those who deny that any warming is
      taking place, or who maintain that it can be explained by natural
      phenomena. But few of them are climatologists, fewer still are
      climatologists who do not receive funding from the fossil fuel
      industry. Their credibility among professionals is now little higher
      than that of the people who claim that there is no link between
      smoking and cancer. Yet the prominence the media gives them reflects
      not only the demands of the car advertisers. We want to believe
      them, because we wish to reconcile our reason with our dreaming.

      The extreme events to which climate change appears to have
      contributed reflect an average rise in global temperatures of 0.6C.6
      The consensus among climatologists is that temperatures will rise in
      the 21st century by between 1.4 and 5.8C: by up to ten times, in
      other words, the increase we have suffered so far.7 Some climate
      scientists, recognizing that global warming has been retarded by
      industrial soot, whose levels are now declining, suggest that the
      maximum should instead be placed between 7 and 10C.8 We are not
      contemplating the end of holidays in Seville. We are contemplating
      the end of the circumstances which permit most human beings to
      remain on earth.

      Climate change of this magnitude will devastate the earth's
      productivity. New research in Australia suggests that the amount of
      water reaching the rivers will decline by up to four times as fast
      as the percentage reduction of rainfall in dry areas.9 This,
      alongside the disappearance of the glaciers, spells the end of
      irrigated agriculture. Winter flooding and the evaporation of soil
      moisture in the summer will exert similar effects on rainfed
      farming. Like crops, humans will simply wilt in some of the hotter
      parts of the world: the 1500 deaths in India through heat exhaustion
      this summer may prefigure the necessary evacuation, as temperatures
      rise, of many of the places currently considered habitable. There is
      no chance of continuity here; somehow we must persuade our
      dreamselves to confront the end of life as we know it.

      Paradoxically, the approach of this crisis corresponds with the
      approach of another. The global demand for oil is likely to outstrip
      supply within the next 10 or 20 years. Some geologists believe it
      may have started already.10 It is tempting to knock the two
      impending crises together, and to conclude that the second will
      solve the first. But this is wishful thinking. There is enough oil
      under the surface of the earth to cook the planet and, as the price
      rises, the incentive to extract it will increase. Business will turn
      to even more polluting means of obtaining energy, such as the use of
      tar sand and oil shale, or "underground coal gasification" (setting
      fire to coal seams). But because oil in the early stages of
      extraction is the cheapest and most efficient fuel, the costs of
      energy will soar, ensuring that we can no longer buy our way out of
      trouble with air conditioning, water pumping and fuel-intensive

      So instead we place our faith in technology. In an age in which
      science is as authoritative but, to most, as inscrutable as God once
      was, we look to its products much as the people of the Middle Ages
      looked to divine providence. Somehow "they" will produce and install
      the devices - the wind turbines or solar panels or tidal barrages -
      which will solve both problems while ensuring that we need make no
      change to way we live.

      But the widespread deployment of these technologies will not happen
      until rising prices ensure that it becomes a commercial imperative,
      and by then it is too late. Even so, we could not meet our current
      levels of consumption without covering almost every yard of land and
      shallow sea with generating devices. In other words, if we leave the
      market to govern our politics, we are finished. Only if we take
      control of our economic lives, and demand and create the means by
      which we may cut our energy use to 10 or 20% of current levels will
      we prevent the catastrophe which our rational selves can comprehend.
      This requires draconian regulation, rationing and prohibition: all
      the measures which our existing politics, informed by our dreaming,

      So we slumber through the crisis. Waking up demands that we upset
      the seat of our consciousness, that we dethrone our deep unreason
      and usurp it with our rational and predictive minds. Are we capable
      of this, or are we destined to sleepwalk to extinction?
      www.monbiot.com "
      As always, feel free to copy and share, as well. "Painting is
      poetry which is seen and not heard, and poetry is a painting which is heard
      but not seen." ~ Leonardo da Vinci "Prison is designed to break everyone's
      spirit and destroy one's resolve. To do this, the authorities attempt to
      exploit every weakness, demolish every initiative, negate all signs of
      individuality, all
      with the idea of stamping out that spark that makes each of us human and
      each of us who we are." ~ Nelson Mandela You can visit our website : )
      3rd Version of the Stolen Lives Book :) >CONTACT: Office@... or
      call 1-888-NO >BRUTALITY >SF Bay Area: Oct22sf@...
      >415 864-5153." www.deathpenaltyreligious.org and link from there.
      CRU, American Friends Service Committee 215-241-7137
      bmatschek@... Moratorium Campaign Supporter, click the link
      below to send your message today :)
      Visit the web site http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/
      Visit <http://www.cuadp.org> or call 800-973-6548
      http://wwf.org http://greenpeaceusa.org
      http://www.peta.org http://www.webreleaf.com
      http://www.e-thepeople.com http://www.speakout.com
      http://www.petitiononline.com http://www.alphacdc.com
      Helpsites and places where twigs of poetree grow :)
      Metaphorical Poet :)
      Autumn Leaves is in cyberspace now :)
      Enjoy a estival eve' as you can. Ciao, for now. i look forward.... What
      do you think? Viva la evolution, viva green party. james m nordlund
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