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Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: The Real Che Guevara

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  • Denis Berrell
    On May 15, 1959, Fidel Castro ordered an end to military trials of war criminals . It is estimated that up until May 15 Castro s war courts had executed
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      On May 15, 1959, Fidel Castro ordered an end to military trials of 'war

      It is estimated that up until May 15 Castro's war courts had executed
      somewhere between 500-600 persons.

      As I've stated on this forum I have strong philosophical and ethical
      objections to the death penalty and cannot condone it under any
      circumstances. However the number executed in Cuba following the 1959
      Revolution was nothing like 2500 and moderate in comparison to other
      tumultuous political upheavals in the 20th Century and of course practically
      negligible in relation to the many hundreds of thousands or as in the case
      of Indonesia millions murdered by U.S. backed Juntas often with the
      collaboration of the U.S. itself.
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      > Without wishing to carry on too long discussion about such drivel it
      > is worth noting that the basic line of this article is the same as
      > one the Australian's right-wing foreign affairs editor Greg Sheridan
      > wrote about 4 years ago (unfortunately I don't have a link to it).
      > Sheridan also argued that Che was an incompentent guerilla and cold
      > blooded murderer. Of course, being a 'respectable' right winger,
      > Sheridan didn't go in for such crude slanders as accusing the anti-
      > Mobatu guerillas of being cannibals, or accuse the capitalist press,
      > like the NYT, of being Che sympathisers.
      > He also argued the key to his popularity amongst youth in the late
      > sixties was that young women found him sexually attractive, and,
      > presumably, because all the young men wanted to look like him.
      > Following the logic of this facile argument, if only LBJ or Richard
      > Nixon had been a spunk then the whole 60's radicalisation and mass
      > anti-war movement could have been avoided.
      > That Sheridan should take the line about Che being a cold blooded
      > murderer is significant because Sheridan was one of the most
      > outspoken defenders of the Australian government's 'special
      > relationship' with the Indonesian dictator Suharto. To my knowledge
      > he still defends that line. Suharto, of course,was one of the
      > greatest mass murderers in the 20th centurey, which takes some doing,
      > killing more people per head in East Timor than Pol Pot in Cambodia.
      > It is true though, that Sheridan could never claim Suharto was an
      > *incompentent* mass murderer. Killing anywhere between half a million
      > and three million people in the space of four months on his rise to
      > power has to be some kind of record. Reports from the time talk of
      > rivers that stopped flowing as they were so clogged with dead bodies.
      > I am assuming that the most disturbing claim for Jordan, though, was
      > the one the Che had executed 2500 people. It is true that following
      > the revolution a number of executions were carried out, I don't know
      > if the total got near 2500. Those exececuted were former members of
      > the repressive forces of the Batista dictatorship and all given
      > extensive trials, overseen by Che Guevara. Those that were executed
      > were found guilty of extreme violations of human rights, murder,
      > torture of the most horrific sort (gounging out of eye balls etc).
      > The author of the tripe tries to draw an equal sign between Che and
      > Stalin by saying, Stalin oversaw executions and Che oversaw
      > exections, therefore Che is Stalin, ignoring the actual context, who
      > was executed, how the executions came about, and why they were
      > executed.
      > No one was executed for either being a Batista supporter or an
      > opponent of the revolution. You could oppose the executions on ground
      > of opposition to the death penalty, but if you were objective you
      > would have to admit that those who were executed were executed
      > because they ahd been found guilty of specific crimes against
      > humanity and the trials were overwhelmingly popular with the Cuban
      > people who saw it as administering justice for the crimes committed
      > against them by the old dictatorship.
      > Again to find out the REAL Che Guevara a good book is Jon Lee
      > Anderson's. Despite not being a partisan of Che's politics, he gives
      > an in detail and objective account of his REAL life.
      > Stuart
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