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RE: Terri Schiavo - two articles from the Cuban media

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  • Fred Feldman
    This is a letter I sent to the Marxism list where an exhaustive discussion of the Schiavo case has taken place. Fred Feldman My Spanish is not good but I read
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      This is a letter I sent to the Marxism list where an exhaustive
      discussion of the Schiavo case has taken place.
      Fred Feldman

      My Spanish is not good but I read the two articles from the Cuban press
      submitted by Walter Lippmann. They paralleled the thinking of most of
      the list members who participated in the discussion, as far as I can

      (1) This was basically a family matter. One article even described it
      as "strictly a family matter," I think.

      (2) Michael Schiavo's actions were entirely reasonable and decent under
      the circumstances. Note is taken of the evidence that Terri Schiavo
      would not have wanted to live in this state -- actually a pretty
      reasonable assumption even without evidence.

      (Although I never agreed with the criticisms and smears of Mr. Schiavo,
      I was won through the discussion to the conclusion that the course of
      action he followed was a and almost certainly the proper one under the
      circumstances and that he was being persecuted by Governor and President
      Bush, DeLay, et al. I disagree with any suggestion that his motives were
      monetary, although all these decisions in the United States cannot avoid
      being shaped in part by economic conditions that press on everyone.

      But there is no evidence whatever that he was motivated by desire for
      the inheritance or anything of that kind. Anymore than there is evidence
      that the parents were ever willing to allow Terri to die completely, and
      had to be pressed into taking a different stand by the Whore of Babylon.
      (However, I shudder as People magazine and the talk shows close in on
      the various parties. This ain't over yet.)

      In the US media, Michael Schiavo is being treated as a veritable
      Klaus von Bulow (leaving aside that von Bulow was actually framed, and
      that Sonny von Bulow is still comatose or whatever, perhaps to avoid a
      bloody gang war among her survivors).

      (3) While the Cuban articles seems to differentiate from the parents'
      position, they never denounce them for "papism" or being tools of
      "papists." This would be a stupid mistake in Cuba, and it isn't very
      bright here either.

      (4) The Cubans are ruthless appropriately with the various Bushes'
      claims to represent "life." The Bushes, of course, think it is morally
      proper to kill just about anybody they think is in the way. Everybody
      else, however, should "err on the side of life." But I don't think there
      is anything in the articles that labels the broader opposition to ending
      Schiavo's life as simply "right-wing," although leftists here are prone
      to see it that way.

      (5) The Cubans criticize the intervention of the White House and
      Congress as demagogic and improper.

      (6) There is nothing in the article that treats this as anything other
      than an individual case, talks about the "right to die" or broadly
      generalizes from this case in any other way about how cases of "terminal
      illness" and so on should be handled.

      I am sure others got more from the articles than I did, and he or
      others may be able to correct misunderstandings. Fred Feldman
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