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  • bobgould987
    Oct 12, 2004
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      By Bob Gould

      Peter Boyle and his Newtown election day informant have considerable
      difficulty in giving an honest or accurate account of exchanges or
      events. I got to the Newtown booth about 11.45am and worked there
      until about 4.45pm. I found myself a little chair facing the queue of
      people waiting to vote, and incidentally I installed myself next to
      the solitary Liberal booth worker, who paradoxically I know slightly
      because he occasionally comes into my shop.

      When I arrived at the booth, a couple of the Labor booth workers told
      me that a young DSPer there had been giving them verbal curry about
      same-sex marriage, and they had told him to piss off. This bloke
      happens to be the young Grand Inquisitor, one of the judge-jury-
      executioner trinity who hunted LF out of the DSP.

      This individual then started on me about the same-sex marriage
      question. I gave him a serve, rather publicly, I admit, about the
      sectarian posture of the DSP towards the rather leftist Labor
      election campaign. I had the louder voice, and he pissed off. The
      exchange took fully two minutes.

      The rest of the afternoon -- the other four hours and 58 minutes -- I
      used my loud, foghorn voice to attack the Liberal canvasser and the
      Howard government. My pitch was boot Howard out, get rid of the
      people who drown refugees and took us to a war we didn't want, and
      who dare to show their faces at Newtown. I got a good response to
      that for the nearly five hours I did it for.

      Most people in the queue, other than the odd Liberal, rather liked my
      agitprop. The other pitch I made was to the people who were looking
      carefully at the Green how to vote ticket, and I said: "If you're
      leaning towards the Greens, you can vote for the Greens in the
      Senate, but you should consider voting for Labor in the lower house,
      because we badly need Tanya Plibersek in the Labor caucus, as she's
      the most forthright leftist there."

      I used that line of argument because I genuinely believe it, despite
      differences I have with Plibersek from time to time on major
      political questions.

      It's my informed impression that a very large number of Labor booth
      staff around the inner-city voted for Plibersek in the house and the
      Greens in the Senate. In the event 2000 more people voted for the
      Greens in the Senate in the seat of Sydney than voted for them in the
      house, and that was reflected at the Newtown booth.

      At the Newtown booth, at the last elections the Greens outpolled
      Labor, but this time Labor outpolled the Greens in the house by a
      comfortable margin.

      Readers of this list should note the form of Peter Boyle's untruth by
      omission. He elevates the two-minute exchange between me and the
      young DSP Grand Inquisitor into the central event of the afternoon,
      and he ignores all the rest because it isn't DSP-centric. What a

      The afternoon's activities were witnessed by the young Grand
      Inquisitor, another young bloke from the DSP, by a bloke from the ISO
      and by both the Labor and Greens booth workers, and they know I'm
      telling the truth about the exchanges and the form of my agitation.

      The Labor booth workers, the Green booth workers and myself were
      attacking the Liberals, and the main DSP bloke was attacking the
      Labor booth workers. End of story.
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