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9072Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Discussion and left regroupment

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  • Soma and Kunal
    Sep 11, 2004
      I have been following this discussion attentively, though as an Indian I have very little to say that could be pertinent. Given our very different material contexct as well as political culture, we have not had internet-based discussion groups of this kind.
      Some years back, however, when the intra-ML regroupments were still fluid, and the clear differences between CPI(ML) Liberation, the CPI(ML) PWG + MCC, and many of the rest  had not become so sharp, there were lots of mutual polemics in the journals. Then at one stage, Liberation promoted itself into the big league, on the strength of its electoral success and the occassional MP. At this point, they suddenly halted a polemic with a Maoist theoretical journal named Sandhikshan with the approximate comment that they were no longer going to debate with all kinds of groupscules.
      The other comment I would make is that every time someone wishes to declare a closure, I have heard the old gag about a communist party not being a debating society. I heard it last early this year. Activists of CPI(ML) PW had put up anti-WSF posters in my university. I was campaigning very strongly that participation in the WSF should not be left to CPI(M) and NGO-types. So this boy comes up and says, Sir, how long do you expect us to carry on debates. All that has to be said has already been said. I asked him whether new people became active in politics each year or not, and whether he thought it was enough to give them pamhlets and line resolutions, or whether we should use the space available in the WSF. He shrugged and told me that my argument was a left cover up for reformism and imperialism-sponsored NGOs. Now I am not an entryist, and I refuse to pass judgement about Australia, a country I have never even been to. But at times the debate seems to be reaching points of similarity with the situations I have described above.
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