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9060Re: Discussion and left regroupment

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  • alanb1000
    Sep 12, 2004
      Bob Gould wrote:
      > It seems to me that my colleagues and associates, and others I
      > know, who operate as socialists in the Greens do so in a very
      > careful and considered way. The last thing socialists in the Greens
      > need at the moment is to launch some DSP kind of clamour about
      > building a socialist wing in the Greens.

      Well, for starters, any "clamour about building a socialist wing in
      the Greens" is likely to come from the right of the Greens. This
      represents a major limiting factor in what socialists can do in the
      Greens. It has nothing to do with the DSP.

      More importantly, it has become very clear in this discussion that
      there are very serious differences of opinion amongst the socialists
      present in the Greens. In fact, it seems that our factional
      alignments within the Greens are unlikely to coincide.

      This is, fortunately, partly offset by the rather loose links between
      the Green state organisations.

      Alan Bradley
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