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8449Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Liberals as the main enemy etc

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  • kieran latty
    Aug 18, 2004
      Just a few points on the Greens/SA

      I dont quite buy the argument that socialists in the
      Greens should hide their orientation because to
      declare your socialist orientation would be to isolate
      yourself within the Greens.

      If there are socialists in the greens, they should be
      organising and fighting for their views. I think
      people can be a bit creative about this- it need not
      be a statement of abstract revolutionary propaganda-
      but the elabration of a practicle program of action-
      like taking trade union work seriously, pushing out
      into working class areas, having a pricipled position
      on Iraq etc.

      By working alonside people around common action points
      you can demonstrate in practice what socialism means.

      However, I think the whole project (if one were to
      occur) needs to be one of entrism- I dont think the
      Greens as a whole can be transformed into a socialist
      party- but many people who are open to socialist ideas
      are in the Grens. Being a socialist in the Greens
      needs to be a conciouse attempt to win more people to

      However, one reason why I would urge people to join
      the Alliance rather than the Greens is that the forces
      willing to build a consiouse socialist currentinside
      the Greens dont exist- short of one developing
      organically or a whole section or socialists joining
      with such an express aim- I am not all that
      optimistic. I wouldnt see the point in individual
      socialists joining and trying to argue out their
      positions on their own.

      If the Alliance is to become a mass party, then it is
      probably going to require large sections of the Greens
      joining it. Having a large, organised socialist
      current within the greens which can walk out and fuse
      with an already large Socialist Alliance would be an
      ideal situation.

      If someone can find ten socialists who are willing to
      walk into the greens and organise as socialists- I
      reckon they should give it a go. Start a little
      bulletin of socialist greens- put on a few meetings-
      see who agrees with you.

      Having said that- the Alliance exists and it needs to
      be bigger and more influential before we get whole
      chunks of people splitting from the Greens or ALP,
      irregardless of whether their are organised socialists
      in those groupings.

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