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8395Re: Liberals as the main enemy - Dave's questions about Green preferences

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  • chen9692000
    Aug 16, 2004
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      Dear Dave

      This is hard to figure from this far North. There's a big fight in
      the Greens nationally about the way forward and enormous tensions in
      the QLD Greens - no coverage or political analysis in GL about these

      > But the situation in Qld will no doubt be that the Greens will swap
      > preferences with the Democrats so that they keep the Qld senate seat

      From what I can gather from people there is no reason to think they
      will swap preferences with the Dems again. There is a pragmatic group
      who wants to swap with labour and a group who sees the party as in
      the grip of ALP stooges and/or wants to punish the ALP either from
      resentment at their former comrades or because BOTH major parties are
      just the same as each other and so we shouldn't preference anyone.

      >my guess is that the freedom of each Greens branch to allocate
      >preferences as they so decide is likely to by handicapped by other
      >factors coming into play.

      Indeed. The political reality is that federally the Greens need ALP
      preferences to get anyone elected at all so they need to be able to
      deliver them. It would be sensible electoral politics to centralise
      that decision. It is my understanding that Drew Hutton will seek to
      do a deal with the ALP - and will be accused by his opponents of
      being an ALP stooge. There is a lot of resentment in the QLD Greens
      against Drew Hutton (the Drew-ids as they are affectionately known)
      even though they took the State Congress by a 2/3rd majority. The
      opposition who call themselves the "Grassroots Greens"(but are called
      epithets by their opponents) are not organised on a platform so
      personalities play a big role.

      I should add these are my impressions from a long way north.


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