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8315Re: Need comment re 'Militant' take on Australia election

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  • alanb1000
    Aug 11, 2004
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      "paperclay_man" wrote:
      > The whole future trajectory of either the Greens of the Alliance is
      > a matter of supposition. Read into it what you will -- it isn't
      > written in stone.
      > However, on the question of the Iraq war and the Greens it needs to
      > be pointed out that the original difference lay between Allan
      > Bradley, a member of the QLD Greens, and Robert Allen who I guess
      > is a member of the NSW Greens.


      To go back to basics: many Green parties around the world have taken
      dodgy positions at one time or other. This can not be ruled out for
      the Australian Greens.

      The Greens are an ideologically heterogeneous group. This is overlaid
      by some rather byzantine personality clashes. For example, it is not
      entirely clear which of the factions currently competing for the
      leadership of Queensland Greens would be preferable. In the past some
      fairly dodgy characters have risen to positions of leadership and
      have had to be removed. This can happen again.

      In addition, it is not inconceivable that liberal illusions in
      outfits like the UN could become widespread within the party.

      For a specific example, I'm a little nervous about the Sudan
      question. Toowoomba is one of the preferred immigration destinations
      for African immigrants. As a result, we have a relatively large
      Sudanese population. What I fear is that the sympathy local leftists
      feel for this community may result in support for a potential
      imperialist intervention against the Sudan.

      There is nothing inevitable in the evolution of the Australian
      Greens. So far we have been fortunate in that it has generally staked
      out a position to the left of many of its international co-thinkers.
      It is not clear that it will always continue to do so.

      Of course, I am a pessimist and a hardened cynic, so you will have to
      excuse me for expecting the worst.
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