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8295Greens and Socialists (was Re: Need comment re 'Militant')

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  • glparramatta
    Aug 11, 2004
      PaperClay Man said in reply to Robert Allen:

      On the broader question of whether the Greens are part of the
      > left...I need to point out that the key principle the Greens have
      > advocated here is that they are neither left nor right but green. I
      > think thats' a mistaken conception and 'left' is as left does, and
      > the Greens are 'of the left' whether they want to identify that way
      > or not. The SA I gather has been consistently supportive of the
      > Greens precisely because of aspects such as that.

      Perhaps to shift the discussion to what tactics socialists can apply
      towards the Greens as party and towards Greens members, I wonder if
      Robert Allen could let us know if he is a socialist within the Greens
      and does he believe that the Greens can be the vehicle for the
      replacement of capitalism with socialism? Or does he think that the
      need to organise to overthrow capitalism is `old hat'? If not, what
      does he think is necessary to bring that about? How should socialists
      operate within the Greens and what is Robert doing so to build support
      for left-wing ideas and policies, and an understanding of the need to
      get rid of capitalism? How much success is he having? How can
      revolutionary socialists help win Greens members to the idea that
      capialism must be gotten rid of?

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