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8294Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Liberals as the main enemy

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  • kieran latty
    Aug 11, 2004
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      Different context- in the US, particularily with non preferential voting, the "anyone but Bush campaign" has a demobilising effect for the real left.

      Arguing that the Democrats are simply a wing of the ruling class is necessary to get a vote for the left (i.e Nader) and build a real alternative.

      The experience in Britain is instructive- if the British Labour party never ran and just supported the liberal party the liberals would still be the main opposition party. A sharp criticism of Gladstone and the rest was necessary to build a working class alternative to the Liberals.

      In Australia, we can make the argument to throw Howard out by voting socialist then ALP. We can clearly target howard as the main enemy.

      In the US, I still think Bush is the main enemy, but it must be said that building a real alternative is more important than getting the democrats in- so the argument against lesser evilism needs to be pushed much stronger. In Aus there is no such counterposition.

      Furthermore, because the democrats are a fully capitalist party, without the same connections to the labour movement as the ALP does, we cant pose the question in the same way.

      In Australia, we unconditionally support an ALP victory, in the US, we need to say that in concrete terms there is no difference, but we want Bush out because it would be seen as a vindication of his policies if he was re-elected.

      In Australia, we must say- Howard out , vote socialist, in the US- vote Nader- build a real opposition (as opposed to the democrats who are just the same)










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