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8287Re: Need comment re 'Militant' take on Australia election

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  • ozleft
    Aug 10 6:26 PM
      Nick Fredman wrote:

      >>to make any intelligent assessment of where the Greens *might* go,
      it'd be worth considering like parties overseas, e.g. the German and
      French Greens>>

      Yes, we could do that, Nick, and while we're at it we could study the
      examples of supposedly socialist governments in the former Soviet
      Union, China, pre-WWI Germany, etc, to see where the Socialist
      Alliance *might* end up in the unlikely event that it ever became the
      government. After all, there has been a lot of experience of
      governments that claimed to be socialist.

      We could also look at the record of socialist sects that never
      achieved government, such as the Healy organisation, Spartacists, etc.

      We COULD do that, but it might not get us very far in understanding
      either the Greens in Australia or the Socialist Alliance in Australia.

      Looking at policy and practice in Australia seems to me a lot more
      useful, and as I pointed out, there has never been anything to justify
      Alan Bradley's apparent view that the Greens might change their policy
      of withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

      >>I don't know who this gang in reality is>>

      If you really don't know, and are not being disingenous, why do you
      feel compelled to respond to my message to Alan Bradley?

      I think you know exactly who the gang is. Your organisation, the DSP,
      is an example of a sect (but it is by no means the only one) that
      holds such views.

      In case you've really forgotten, until recently the DSP was
      distributing a pamphlet by Lisa McDonald elaborating the view that the
      Australian Greens would inevitably betray, based on the same method
      you adopt -- comparing the Australian Greens with Green parties

      Robert Allen
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