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8275Re: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: Need comment re 'Militant' take on Australia election

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  • Nick Fredman
    Aug 9, 2004
      "Ozleft" said:

      > Sounds like you're part of the Greens-must-inevitably-sell-out gang
      > (because, of course, they don't prattle about revolution and therefore
      > can't really be part of the left).

      I don't know who this gang in reality is (though I can guess who the
      unnamed commentator from the Ozleft gang is referring to, in this
      rather wild extrapolation from what Alan Bradley said), but whoever
      they are, they'd be wrong to think that anything in politics is
      inevitable. However to make any intelligent assessment of where the
      Greens *might* go, it'd be worth considering like parties overseas,
      e.g. the German and French Greens, who are in and have recently been
      in neoliberal governments and supported imperialist adventures, the US
      Greens, who've recently ditched an independent electoral strategy, and
      the British Greens, who don't oppose the Iraq occupation, but have
      illusions in kinler, gentler UN occupation.
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