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6924Re: GLW list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone

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  • bluetier2004
    Jun 10, 2004
      > By Bob Gould

      > The DSP is still blundering around in the twilight zone, it seems.

      On critisms of the GreenLeft Weelky coverage of issues you consider
      crucial: you can only have a quantitative difference of opinion with
      the paper not qualitative (ie these issues are covered). The other
      point is your exagerated charaterisation ie twilight zone. Why not
      come down to earth yourself and be a little more realistic about the
      faults of the paper. Perhaps it does focus on the Iraq war and the
      Scottish Socialist Party but for gods sake I wouldn't say it's
      excentric by any means.

      Interesting point made by Henderson this morning on ABC AM that in
      reality the withdrawl will be tokensitic and only half of the actual
      numbers deployed. Not at all underestimating the pressure this will
      put on the coalition of the killing, but it's effect will be
      massively diluted compared to the impact of the Spanish withdrawl.
      Perhaps this explains why people haven't bothered addressing the

      Importantly Bob, I think you really are setting yourself up for
      ridicule by not responding directly to events over the past 72 hrs.
      I find them quite illustrative of the fault lines (chasms) that
      prevail in the ALP and would be interested in hearing what you've got
      to say on this issue.
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