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  • ozleft
    Jun 10, 2004
      Action alert

      Public school teachers robbed on wages

      For the future of public education in NSW please send an email, fax,
      letter to the Premier Bob Carr calling on him to apply to the
      Industrial Relations Commission to reopen the public education
      salaries case.

      Premier's contact details at the end of this email.


      Quality public education system can only be achieved if teachers are
      well paid.

      The decision on teachers' salaries handed down by the Industrial
      Relations Commission this week is a disgrace and a kick in the guts to
      public education.

      Public school teachers are rightly outraged that their counterparts in
      catholic schools have been awarded salary increases of up to 7.5% more.

      The Industrial Relations Commission has granted catholic school
      principals a 19.5% wage increase. But public school teachers were
      given only a 12% increase.

      Public school teachers in the IRC public education case gave extensive
      evidence and were cross-examined exhaustively. Their evidence was
      accepted by the Commission as constituting a 'compelling' work value
      case. Their counterparts from catholic schools did not even appear in
      court, yet they gained significantly higher increases.

      A spokeswoman for the Minister for Education Dr Refshauge in
      justifying the biased decision to pay catholic teachers more argued
      that these teachers have different roles and responsibilities.

      There is no basis to the argument that catholic school teachers have
      more responsibility. If anything the heavier workload is carried by
      public school teachers. They have to teach all students irrespective
      of their learning abilities, socio-economic status and physical


      Contact the NSW Premier

      ·express your outrage

      ·call on him to urgently apply to the IRC for the public school
      teachers' salary case to be reopened.


      Premier Bob Carr
      Level 40
      Governor Macquarie Tower 1 Farrer Place Sydney NSW 2000
      Fax: 9228 3935
      Email: bob.carr@w...
      From the Office of Greens MP Lee Rhiannon

      Lee Rhiannon, MLC The Greens
      Parliament of New South Wales Macquarie St Sydney 2000
      Tel: +61-2-9230 3551
      Fax: +61-2-9230 3550
      Email lee.rhiannon@p...
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