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6919Re: GLW list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone

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  • ozleft
    Jun 10 8:32 PM
      The DSP and Carl Kenner still in the twilight zone

      By Bob Gould

      The curious responses to my recent post are instructive politically.
      Carl Kenner accuses the ALP of further crimes, which include support
      for the British monarchy. Brother Kenner lives in a very strange universe.

      There's a fair bit of spirited debate about the danger of Peter
      Garrett, but still not a word about the immense pressure from the US
      government and the right wing of the US and Australian ruling classes
      on Mark Latham and the Labor Party to reverse the Iraq withdrawal policy.

      To me, that seems the most pressing immediate conflict at the moment,
      but the alleged Marxists in the DSP orbit have not a word to say about it.

      In response to a new poster (and possibly an earlier post from Shane
      Hopkinson), which raised the same point, gently asking for a response
      on my points, we get this morning's patriotic rhetoric from Sue B that
      the failure to comment on the Victorian ALP conference conflict was
      simply a matter of resources.

      That's pretty rich from Sue B, the ostensible expert on the Victorian
      labour movement, who has written several lengthy pieces on the various
      forces at work there. One would have thought that Sue B wouldn't have
      found it a difficult task to do a short appraisal of the Victorian ALP
      conference cross-factional union collision with the Bracks Government.

      This issue has broader political implications because, if a federal
      Labor government is elected, which seems possible, the ability of the
      industrial and political labour movement to exert maximum pressure on
      the federal Labor government on industrial matters will be sharply posed.

      There has also been a bit of erudite interplay between Alan Bradley
      and Carl Kenner as to whether all members of the ALP are bad, or only
      all influential members. Personally, I'd classify Martin Kingham,
      Michelle O'Neil and a number of others active in the trade union
      movement as influential members of the ALP, and many militants will be
      looking to them for the kind of intelligent and courageous lead that
      they gave at the Victorian ALP conference, in the inevitable struggles
      with an incoming federal Labor government.

      There's has been no GLW comment at all about any of these important
      questions. This whole universe of the conflict and struggles within
      the official labour movement on big questions passes by Green Left
      Weekly almost completely.

      That gets us back to the immediate and over-riding political
      questions: the considerable enthusiasm on the left side of society for
      Labor to defeat Howard in the elections, for the Greens to do well in
      the elections and possibly have the balance of power in the Senate,
      and for maintaining the pressure on an incoming Labor government to
      withdraw the troops from Iraq.

      The current, brutal centrepiece of this whole political situation is
      the enormous pressure building up from the right of Australian society
      and the US bourgeoisie, Howard, the Murdoch press, etc, to humiliate
      and thereby politically domesticate Latham, and now Garrett, and the
      rest of the ALP, and as part of the same process to ride over the Greens.

      It's very striking that it seems impossible for any major figures in
      the DSP orbit to make any general political statement about these
      questions. All you get is trivia about Garrett, twilight zone abuse
      from Carl Kenner and a self-interested whinge from Sue B that making a
      political appraisal of the real political situation in Australia and
      the workers movement is merely a question of available journalistic

      The DSP is still blundering around in the twilight zone, it seems.
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