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6908RE: [GreenLeft_discussion] Re: GLW list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone

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  • Carl Kenner
    Jun 10, 2004
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      I think that's impossible. Federal elections don't work like that.
      I suspect Green voters attempting to exhaust their ballots are throwing
      their votes away by voting informally.
      Kind of worrying really.

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      Alan Bradley wrote":

      >>In particular, many Greens branches/candidates are unlikely to
      direct preferences in the upcoming Federal election. I'm not sure what's
      going to happen up here. At the very least we won't be announcing our
      decision until very late in the campaign.>>

      It's true, Alan, there's usually a push from some Greens to exhaust
      preferences and not go to Labor. That opinion is not universal, and usually
      some branches exhaust and some preference Labor.

      I'm not hearing recommendations to exhaust from influential places in the
      Greens this time, although there is rank-and-file sentiment for that view
      (similar to the DSP's they're-all-the-same thesis).

      For quite some time, influential Greens have been saying it's essential in
      these elections to get rid of Howard. I take that to mean not exhausting.

      Of course, preferences are usually settled late in the campaign, and usually
      involve negotiation, and it wouldn't be smart for Greens branches to tip
      their hand too early.

      I'm talking about NSW, of course, I don't know about Queensland.

      Ed Lewis

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