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6893Re: GLW list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone

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  • alanb1000
    Jun 9, 2004
      "Carl Kenner" wrote:
      > Venezuela is much more inspiring than the ALP, because a real
      > working class movement overthrew their version of the ALP and
      > Liberal parties and actually set about giving the masses a role in
      > leading their country. The ALP on the other hand will never do
      > this, since even the left in the ALP have the ideology that the
      > masses should be lied to and manipulated for their own good. I have
      > yet to find anyone in the ALP who disagrees with this ideology.

      OK, last things first:

      The final comment about the ALP is over the top. It might have been
      acceptable if you had written "I have yet to find anyone in the ALP
      WITH REAL INFLUENCE who disagrees with this ideology."

      You are correct about Venezuela. The situation in Bolivia is
      extremely interesting too, and people should feel free to keep
      posting material about it. (Hint! Hint!)

      On the main topic: I haven't noticed the Greens particularly
      tailoring their actions according to Bob's schemas. I presume that
      makes them a sect too.

      In particular, many Greens branches/candidates are unlikely to direct
      preferences in the upcoming Federal election. I'm not sure what's
      going to happen up here. At the very least we won't be announcing our
      decision until very late in the campaign.
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