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6887Re: GLW list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone

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  • renegardner2000
    Jun 9, 2004
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      Peter Boyle:

      >>DSP and other Socialist Alliance members and others in the anti-war
      coalitions are busy building anti-occupation rallies for June 30,
      including negotiating the highest possible ALP representation on the
      platform. In Sydney, the Stop The War Coalition has been negotiating a
      speaker with Rudd's office for months. Next SA members (committed by a
      resolution at the last conference) are seeking to build the broadest
      troops out rally in the lead up to the federal election. The Victorian
      Peace Network is reportedly interested in supporting such a project.
      The SA's slogan at these rallies will be "Troops Out! Howard Out!".>>

      That's all commendable, but isn't Bob Gould right about Green Left's
      coverage of politics?

      Aren't the failures to comment on events such as the Bush attack on
      Latham, and the Victorian unions' clash with the Bracks Government,
      very big omissions?

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