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6884Re: GLW list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone

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  • bluetier2004
    Jun 9, 2004
      Bob's right on this, I too would like to see more discussion on this
      issue. But there are tow ways to go about it Bob. Put it this way
      if you're invited to a party do you sit in the corner and spray piss
      and vinegar at all and sundry because they don't measure up to your

      For example, I was dead keen to hear what people had to say about the
      demo on the weekend; no one responded. Do I come come back to the
      list detailing the deficiencies of the list and its participants
      (including you) that no one here cares about the Tarkine?

      Learn some manners and make a constructive contribution.

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      > The Green Left list and Carl Kenner in the twilight zone
      > By Bob Gould
      > At the World Socialist Web Site public meeting a week or so ago, one
      > very striking feature was that there was almost no discussion from
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