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6762GLW's format Re: Socialist Alliance

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  • Commie Bastard
    Jun 4, 2004
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      > --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "glparramatta"
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      > >
      > >5)GLW is now wide open to be used by all SA members to benefit
      the SA
      > > and the movements we are active in, so rather than talk in the
      > > abstract about what ``style'' or ``format'' GLW should have, why
      > > not start to shape it now by contributing articles, promoting
      > > its distribution or offering your technical skills.
      > Maybe Norm hasn't said EVERYthing but he has made a few key points
      > I think about the GLW project. I guess for me it comes down to
      > questions of journalism. In this regard I think there are some
      > aspects I'd like to emphasize in way of the sort of paper I like
      > reading:
      > Part of the challenge in writing stuff is to do so in as few words
      > as possible. That basically means that you stay on the money when
      > you set out to write something. I know how often that can get away
      > from you as you begin to layer your piece but to some degree you
      > need to set out with a set package size in mind. Indeed, I think
      > it better to submit TWO articles if one proves too long.

      What an order, journalistic style, brevity.

      Thanks for the post Dave, especially the mention and link to the
      review of the L Word. I've never watched it but seen a few reviews
      on it. Never one, however, written from such an unashamedly
      revolutionary women's perspective.

      It's a pity the journalistic style across the rest of the weekly
      deters the occasional buyer and potential readers from finding such
      gems. That may help explain the push to get other people to write
      for it, who knows?

      <SNIP – that's also about 1100 words briefer, pal! >

      commie bastard
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