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  • dave_r_riley
    Jun 2, 2004
      --- In GreenLeft_discussion@yahoogroups.com, "michael berrell"
      <dennyben@b...> wrote:
      > Both premier Socialist organisations in Australia, the Socialist
      > Alliance and the Socialist Equality Party are set to run Senate
      > Tickets later this year in the Federal Election Campaign.

      I think you'll find that the SEP are not registered as a party for
      the upcoming federal election whereas the SA is.


      So the SA will appear on peoples' tickets as SOCIALIST ALLIANCE
      whereas the SEP will be listed as individual Independent(s). A
      similar formatting will cover the Socialist Party if it decides to
      stand in a Victorian seat or Senate as it too is unregistered.

      This will be the first time the SA will contest a federal poll as a
      registered party and probably the first time since the laws were
      changed --and made stricter and less democratic -- that a
      avowedly 'socialist' formation will contest a federal election and be
      listed that way on the ballot paper.

      The Progressive Labor Party is primarily a Hunter Valley/Newcastle
      phenomenon as there it had the backing of a lot of local CPers(like
      the TLC's Peter Barrack) after that party's demise and the failure of
      the New Left Party to prosper. However, the main theoretical
      underpinnings of the PLP were sponsored by the late Bob Leach who was
      a Brisbane based academic and ex ALP member. He tried to apply the NZ
      experience uncritically to Australia. If memory serves me correctly,
      the PLP also had a branch in Melbourne which later disbanded. It was
      made up of a few folk who later moved elsewhere in politics.

      If you think, Michael, that the SA can do so well at this poll, I
      suggest you sign on and support the SA campaign by hooking up with
      your local SA election campaign committee. The SEP will be
      restricted by its very small size, limited number of candidates
      (usually in outlying urban seats in the lower house) and the fact
      that they are not listed on the ballot paper as of any denomination.
      However, they have been able to attain some good voter returns
      occasionally in those areas where they have concentrated their
      campaigns -- such as in outer Wollongong over slag heap issues.

      If the SA does OK in this upcoming poll its relative success will
      hamper the prospect of both the SEP and the SP to sustain themselves
      with an electoral presence as a face for socialism. In both instances
      the Alliance says the solution is simple: come affiliate to us and
      stand under our umbrella to get the word out. But that is unlikley to
      happen in the foreseeable future given both the SP's and the SEP's
      hostility to the Alliance.

      You can find exchanges on this matter re the SP and the SA in the
      pages of Alliance Voices at:


      Dave Riley
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